Exhibition Sheds Light on Modern Slavery Across West Yorkshire 

Modern Slavery Victims Voices Exhibition

A free exhibition featuring a powerful insight from survivors of modern slavery is heading to Kirklees this November.

About the Modern Slavery Victims’ Voices Exhibition

Featuring real-life stories, videos and case studies, visitors will get a unique understanding of modern slavery and learn how they can help us stop it.

The exhibition highlights the realities of modern slavery, the dangers faced by victims, the wider impact it has on our communities and about the partnership work we are doing to tackle it.

Importantly visitors will learn how to spot the signs of forced labour, which often happens in plain sight, and will feel more confident about how to report any exploitation concerns so appropriate action can be taken.

Visit the exhibition

The exhibition will tour West Yorkshire Authorities in October and November, arriving in Kirklees:

  • 6 and 7 November- Huddersfield Customer Service Centre, Civic Centre, 3 Market Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2YZ
  • 8 to 10 November- Dewsbury Library, Unit D, Railway Street, Dewsbury Centre, Dewsbury, WF12 8EQ

Exhibition organisers

We are a member of the West Yorkshire Anti-Slavery Partnership along with West Yorkshire Police and all other West Yorkshire Local Authorities.

The Partnership joined forces with charities Palm Cove Society, Hope For Justice, Justice and Care and Ashiana to create the exhibition.

Councillor Mussarat Pervaiz, Cabinet Member for Communities commented:

“Modern slavery is a serious crime being committed right across the UK and worldwide. It’s a very complex issue and one that can sometimes be hidden in plain sight.

“Cruel perpetrators take advantage of vulnerable people in our society, in a clear violation of their human rights. These people are dehumanised and deceived or forced into servitude for the perpetrator’s gain. They work for long hours, for little or no pay, and often in very poor conditions.

“There are serious repercussions for coordinating modern slavery and, as part of the West Yorkshire Anti-Slavery Partnership, we are dedicated to acting on reports and prosecuting those responsible.

“We also want to make sure anyone who has suffered from exploitation or are potential victims of the crime are supported in the right way. To do this we must first know about them. This is where our communities can help. It’s crucial you know what signs to look out for and report any concerns. Your action could make a real difference to someone’s life.

“I commend the bravery of the survivors who’ve agreed to share their stories in creation of this exhibition. They give us a deeper understanding of modern slavery and help us raise awareness of its impact. This valuable insight will better equip our communities with the knowledge to identify and report any exploitation concerns.”

Detective Chief Inspector Lee Townley, of West Yorkshire Police, said:

“Modern slavery is a serious crime, victims are controlled or held captive, using threats of, or the use of force towards themselves or their families. In many cases preventing victims escaping or reporting the crime. Modern slavery remains hidden in plain sight.


“Anyone can be a victim of modern slavery, however, some people are more vulnerable due to financial, social or health issues. A person’s age or immigration status can also be a significant factor in them falling victim.


“Modern slavery and human trafficking are happening in every area of West Yorkshire. People can do something to prevent this happening by recognising the signs of modern slavery.”

Organiser Jenny Griffiths, from West Yorkshire Police’s human trafficking team said:

“The Modern Slavery Victim’s Voices Exhibition aims to give people a better understanding of modern slavery and human trafficking and what it looks like in the community.

“We want to show how victims are impacted and highlight the work agencies across West Yorkshire are doing to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking.”

Anti-slavery Day

On Wednesday 18 October, a number of key buildings and landmarks across West Yorkshire will be lit up in red to mark Anti-slavery Day. This includes the West Yorkshire Police headquarters building in Wakefield and Town Halls across Kirklees.

More information

Details about Modern slavery and human trafficking, including how to spot the signs and report concerns, can be found on our website.