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“Keep It Out” campaign targets local illegal tobacco sellers

Keep It Out

A ‘Keep It Out’ campaign has been relaunched in our district and across West Yorkshire and aims to further reduce supply and demand for illegal tobacco, including stopping dealers who sell to children. The trade in illegal tobacco makes it easier for children to start smoking, harder for adults to stop and brings crime into our local communities, and has been linked to the funding

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Don’t ignore a ‘smoker’s cough’ – rule out COPD

Over 122,000 people across Yorkshire and The Humber are living a life blighted by chronic smoking-related lung diseases such as COPD. January is a prime time for smokers to try and quit and Public Health England (PHE) want to encourage people by highlighting the debilitating nature of serious lung diseases, for which smoking is the biggest preventable risk factor. The

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Inspire a smokefree generation – Breathe 2025 campaign launch

We are urging people and organisations across the district to sign up and support Breathe 2025, a new campaign to inspire our children to grow up smokefree and protected from health harms caused by tobacco. While our area has the highest number of adult smokers in England (20.4% compared to an England average of 18%), only one in eight 15-year-olds smoke and

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