Yes that’s right! You can’t put disposable coffee cups in your green bin

Well done! Disposable coffee cups are made from plastic coated paper and can’t currently be recycled from the green bin. At the moment there are only a small number of specialist plants in the UK that can recycle them and, as a result, more than 99.75% don’t get recycled. No local authorities are currently able to recycle them from recycling bins.

Take them to the Recycling Centre

Paper disposable coffee cups CAN be recycled in the cartons bring bank at our household waste recycling centres. But really, if you like having a hot drink on the move, the best thing to do is buy a re-usable cup. Some coffee shops also give discounts for using them – win, win!


Disposable cup of coffee

Thank you for recycling. If you fancy a quick refresher to make sure you’re always getting it right, visit our full list of what goes in the green bin.