Resolution Revolution

How are you feeling about 2019? Ready for whatever it brings or feeling sure nothing will change? Well, if you do want to make a change and live a healthier life (or even just think you do) then step this way. We’re starting a Resolution Revolution and we’d love you to join us.

Around 90% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February – sad fact. But what if you had a bit of extra help? Something to keep you on the straight and narrow and remind you every now and again why you want to do this. Worth a try, right?

Be the better you – be more healthy
Sign up to Resolution Revolution and you’ll get personalised emails from us to keep you going. We’re not talking about strict diets, we’re not talking about you climbing Mount Everest; we’re talking about taking small steps together to form healthier habits.

People have already started signing up and getting ready to make a change*. We promise not to be too bossy and we won’t send you anything other than emails to do with this. You can sign up below and please encourage your friends to sign up too.

*You can still sign up after 1 January, we won’t tell anyone you were late.

Sign up here or click the button below

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