Could you be the family that Ella is looking for?

Ella - fostering fortnight

A 14 year-old girl has made a heartfelt plea to find a foster family in the local area, in which she can grow up.

Ella* (not her real name) was taken into foster care aged just five.  She was placed with a family member and later moved to another longer term placement with a different family member. Sadly when she was 13 that placement ran into difficulties and Ella was moved from her family’s care. Subsequently in the past year or so Ella has been placed with a number of other foster carers before moving to her current placement in a residential unit.  Attempts to find a suitable long-term foster family for Ella have so far not been successful.

Kirklees Council has now launched an urgent appeal, asking families in and around Huddersfield to consider giving Ella the love and stability she so desperately needs for the remainder of her childhood.  Ella has also made a direct plea in the hope that a local family can be found.

She says: “My name is Ella and I am 14 years old. I live in a residential unit with friendly staff but I know I cannot stay here forever. My carers at the unit would like me to move to a family who can support me with day to day things, help me make friends and teach me basic skills.

“I like horse riding, singing and dancing. I like going on holiday, visiting my nana and her dog.  My favourite pop star is Justin Bieber and I have lots of posters of him.  My carers say I can be very calm and pleasant on some occasions when I have things to do. “

Ella’s social worker, Zahida, from Kirklees Council added:

“It is a sad reality that many children who enter the care system have experienced some degree of trauma and upheaval. Ella is no exception and when she first came into our care, she’d been left with some emotional and behavioural problems.

“There’s no doubt that Ella has come a long way. But she now needs help to continue on her journey and finding her a caring family will make a big difference to her. Her care workers have done an amazing job but a residential home can never be a long-term solution and it is no substitute for being part of a permanent and loving family unit.

“Ideally she would be placed in a family with experience of caring for children with complex behavioural needs and without other children living at home so that she can receive the one-to-one attention she needs. She would also benefit from a family who enjoy being around animals and doing outdoor activities.

“Ella is proof that with a little patience and understanding a child’s life can be transformed. Her care workers at the unit who know her best tell me that Ella has the potential to become a lovely, engaging young person.”

Could you be the family that Ella is looking for?

Kirklees Council will provide full training and support, including help with practical day to day issues such as transport along with an allowance and skills payment starting at about £300 per week. To find out more visit or contact our fostering team on 0800 389 0086.

Foster carers come from all ages and backgrounds:

  • Single – male or female, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, married or living as a couple
  • Divorced or widowed
  • With or without children
  • Any religious faith or none at all
  • Any cultural background
  • Homeowners or renting
  • Employed, retired or on benefits
  • With or without professional childcare experience
  • With or without qualifications



  • Hi, thanks for your reply and interest in fostering. The best next step is to call our fostering team on 0800 389 0086 and they’ll give you some more info.
    Good luck

  • Dr Jacqueline Poole

    I would give serious consideration to providing a foster home for Ella, given sufficient information about her background and difficulties and, therefore, whether this would be a realistic proposition for ‘Ella’ and myself and my wider family.
    I am a recently retired Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, aged 51.
    I, therefore, am well versed in Child development and the issues which can derail smooth transition through childhood.
    I am a Mother of 3 grown up children, aged 25, 23 and 21.
    I have left 2 of my adult children in my Hexham home and my middle adult child is at University in Leeds.
    I have only lived in this area for 4 months; having moved here in order that my partner could have his 2 little children, aged 8 and 6 years respectively, overnight and alternate weekends.
    My partner, aged 54, works away during the week.
    I am, therefore, largely living alone with my beautiful dog during the week except for visits from my 3 children.
    However, I have already made many friends here, mostly from dog walking the wonderful surrounding area, but also from my involvement with 38 Degrees, an independent political campaigning group, with whom I have been campaigning against privatisation of the NHS over the last few months.
    My only other commitment locally is a an informal one; a lovely 98 y.o lady who I visit daily with my dog and who I take to a ‘Knitters and Natters’ group at Dewsbury library on a weekly basis.

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