Noisy Neighbours Silenced in Court by Kirklees Council

Five residents have been successfully prosecuted for persistent and excessive noise offences. After seriously affecting their neighbours for a significant period, the five were taken to court by Kirklees Council’s Pollution and Noise Team where they received fines and costs.

Why did the cases go to court?

Despite being given chances to improve their behaviour, none of the five individuals took heed of the advice.

With breaches of Abatement Notices previously services, they were separately found guilty with the costs awarded to Kirklees Council. In a number of cases, equipment was seized and a forfeiture order awarded.

Commenting on the successful prosecutions, Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for Communities and Environment said:

“Our Pollution and Noise team always try to resolve issues amicably and work closely with both sets of neighbours. In most cases this is done without having to seize equipment or prosecute.

However, these successful prosecutions demonstrate that if people do not modify their noise-making behaviour, the Council will take all necessary steps to pursue the matter legally in court.”

How can I complain about a noisy neighbour?

Residents can report noise nuisances via our website.


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