Our ambitious Local Plan another step closer

Our ambitious Local Plan is another step closer to completion following backing from a Government Planning Inspector.

The Local Plan sets out the council’s ambitions for residential and commercial builds which will help create a sustainable economy and provide thousands of additional homes.

How has the plan moved forward?

Now, the plan has been approved by the Inspector after review of all the evidence and views from the public following consultation. The Inspector concluded there is an appropriate balance between providing land for new development and protecting important open spaces and heritage.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Shabir Pandor, said:

“This is fantastic news for Kirklees. It is a result of hard work and planning from our Cabinet, councillors and  officers to deliver a plan that will provide thousands of new homes and commercial premises and help deliver our ambitions for the borough.

The Inspector believed we have been ambitious, yet realistic in our economic aspirations for the district.”

Why is the plan important?

The plan provides a sustainable framework for an ambitious housing and job growth programme for the next 15 years. Adoption of the plan allows the council, its partners and the community to shape the future of our towns and villages, boost economic growth, help create healthier communities and attract business investment.

What does that mean?

The result will be thriving communities, better connection to services and transport systems, homes to meet our communities’ needs and opportunities for businesses to succeed in Kirklees. The plan, following some modifications, will now move to a meeting of full council in February and, if voted through, will be immediately adopted as the new development plan for the district.

Councillor Peter McBride Cabinet Member for Economy said:

“The important thing now is that we deliver, because that is the way we can protect the green belt and our important urban green spaces against unwelcome development whilst delivering new homes that meet local needs. We will also have planned growth alongside infrastructure improvements.”

When will the plan be officially approved?

The debate on whether to adopt the Local Plan will be held at a specially arranged full council meeting on Wednesday 27 February from 5.30pm.

Where can I find out more?

The inspector’s feedback can be found at www.kirklees.gov.uk/localplan

Copies are also available at the Huddersfield and Dewsbury Customer Service Centres.


  • Its all very well building all these houses, but there has been no mention of more schools and doctors surgeries ect to serve all these exta houses.

  • I would much be enthusiastic about the library relocation pls contart rushworth665@gmail.com

  • I wholeheartedly agree with Nick Wakes.. Smacks of the Brexit approach ie jump into it without any long term solutions

  • What improvements to infrastructure & transport are going to be made in the locality of these large residential developments?… where is the consideration of the impact this will have on those people who live in Fenay Bridge & Lepton especially Fenay Lane, Station Rd & Rowley Lane when there are another 2000 or more vehicles a day using the surrounding road network to travel to work/school? Where was the public consultation with those residents who live close to these developments?… i along with others who live close to the proposed Fenay Bridge development never had any contact from the Council to ask for our opinions! Your announcement is Typical Council propaganda blowing your own trumpet rather than being honest about the negatives as well as the positives of this plan. Yes development is inevitable with an ever growing population, but a sensible long-term plan would deal with infrastructure & transport improvements first.

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