Ambitious budget plans approved

Our ambitious budget proposals have now been approved at a meeting of all councillors.

The budget will provide investment in key services, plus funding to protecting the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Cllr Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, said:

“It is excellent news for local residents and businesses that this budget has been successfully adopted.

It is an ambitious budget which focuses on renewal, regeneration and reducing inequalities.

The spending plans reflect our vision to improve the quality of life for communities across Kirklees, strengthen our local economy and improve the local infrastructure.”

Approval for the budget means there will be a 2.99 per cent increase in council tax (excluding fire, police and parish council precepts), which allows a further £5.2million of investment.

Cllr Pandor added:

“There is a great deal of uncertainty at national level, especially around Brexit, but this budget will put Kirklees in a more resilient financial position.

It is also a budget to make a lasting difference by focusing on adult social care, supporting children and young people to have the best start in life, investing in the economy and achieving a clean and green environment.

Our approach is to focus on equality and fairness, achieving better outcomes for our communities. This will help us deliver an inclusive economy, reduce the gap between rich and poor and create a more equal society for everyone.”

Full details are available on the council website.



  • what a pity that so many people have such little understanding of local government finance and how it has been slashed by government, the services that they are legally obliged to deliver, and the growing demands for those services, particularly adult and social care. Successive governments have all ducked the issue of enabling local government to secure sufficient revenues to be financially independent of central government.

  • I know quite a few people working for Kirklees, and everyone I know, moan about their job, in fact they hate their job, but will they leave, ” no way “, they know they dare not come out over the parapet, and join the public sector, and realise what work is about. I questioned one, and mentioned management, they said, there immediate boss had a boss above him and another one above him, and probably another one above them. You can’t run a business successfully with so many bosses. I notice how they have all got their vans to run around in, and to take home. In fact I would say that of all the vans you see in Huddersfield, one out of four, will belong to Kirklees.
    Whilst walking around on the footpaths, you come against overhanging bushes, the owner of the property should be told to cut the bushes back to their boundary, if they do not ,then Kirklees council will do it for them at a cost. This would make money for the council, and also possibly avoid an expensive court case, due to someone hurting themselves on the bushes. I noticed a water leak which ran across the pavement, this went on for two years and is possibly still there. In Winter this turned to sheet ice, what if someone slipped on it, and did some real damage, another expensive court case. There was a large piece of soft wood board, across the pavement, which had also been there for two years. This was eventually moved by the Green party, in one of their big clean ups. Meanwhile all these vans are just driving round, not giving it a thought.

  • See above the increase in council tax is to help fund the increasing costs of adult social care and children’s services both of which are inadequately funded by central government

  • The 2.99% increase is solely to meet the increasing costs of adult social care and children’s services which are inadequately funded by central government

  • The truth is that The government has cut so much from local government that they are left with little choice.

  • The government has continually cut the grant to local councils under their austerity programme. Most local councillors and council staff are trying to continue running services with budgets reduced by 50% or more since 2009 and with massive reductions in staff. Criticism should be directed at the government not at people who are doing their best in very difficult circumstances. The service I worked for before retirement (not in Kirklees) has had its budget cut by 80% since 2009 and many of my colleagues were made redundant with minimal compensation. People are not being spendthrift nor are they poor managers – in fact they are excellent managers to keep services going at all. This is not a local issue whatever the government says – the problem has been passed on to local councils. The view of this government is that if you want services you have to pay for them because they want to keep taxes low. This is not a party political statement on my part – its what the government itself says. Many of the views expressed in this chain seem to see council workers as on a gravy train and not suffering from austerity cuts themselves – nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Social services will not give any of the money they are been given to help the adult care .Like they all ways do, not had an increase for 15 years. That is disgusting care service. OUT YOU GO .

  • I recently watched Clr.Barry Sheerman on late night TV, talking about Huddersfield. Dose this man live in a dream. He proudly spoke of Huddersfield, with it’s university, Holmfirth and Hebden Bridge. Firstly the university has just what it wants in Kirklees, in fact it takes what it wants, and Kirklees oblige, giving it most of the town, leaving the rest in despair. Then Holmfirth, Kirklees have done nothing for it, the only reason for its interest was the TV series. Hebden Bridge, on the other hand, have done really well, of course this has nothing to do with Kirklees,Clr.
    I was born & bred in this town, when it was run by Huddersfield Corporation, and a far better town it was. Amongst many other things,we had the mills and engineering, exporting materials. We had the new hospital , the new ring road and the new bus station built. I realise things have changed enormously, and things can’t be the same,but when it gets to Kirklees it’s far to top heavy on the management side. Any private firm would not survive, with so many management employees trying to look busy, in fact, I would make all government management employees, which would include Kirklees, give 5% of there wages to charity, for the pleasure of working for Kirklees.
    Regarding Clr. Sheerman, I am one year younger than you, and I have seen a lot more of Huddersfield than you have, due to the fact that you are a ” comer in “.

  • I expect after the Council Tax increase the Councillors will vote themselves another pay increase. Kirklees Council needs abolishing and go back to the old Huddersfield Council. The Councillors just don’t have any Civic Pride anymore !

  • Watching that Labour clown,Clr.Barry Sheerman, on television the other night, talking about Kirklees being so wonderful, boasting of Huddersfield’s university & also Holmfirth, and Hebden Bridge. The university has had everything it wants from this town, it does not matter where it is, if the university wants it, it can have it. In fact it has taken most of the town, thanks to Kirklees. Regarding Holmfirth, Kirklees have done nothing for it, if it was not for the TV series, it would be nowhere. Hebden Bridge, on the other hand, has really prospered, which has got nothing to do with Kirklees, Clr. Sheerman. I was born and bred in this town, when it was run by Huddersfield corporation, and was run well, with good engineering company’s and woollen mills, with good exports. The ring road and the very good bus station , also the hospital,were also built under the corporation. The trouble with Kirklees is it is top heavy, there are to many in the management departments trying to look busy, for there jobs sake. No private firm could keep afloat if they adopted Kirklees strategy. I think all government, which includes Kirklees management should forfeit 5% of there wages to charity, for having the benefit of working for Kirklees.
    One last thing Clr. Sheerman, I think know Huddersfield better than you, I am one year younger than you, and I am not a “comer in”.

  • What a load of rubbish , I have be waiting since 2008 for a Quility of life funding for my house get know where never no money available

  • This isn’t a Labour council issue, it’s caused by Government reducing funding. Some areas are seeing 5% increases.
    What should be stopped however is wasted money by the council, which affects every local authority in the country regardless of which party holds the council.

  • So much for labour being for the working man,stuffed again I will never vote labour ever again.

  • No-one ever welcomes increases but put the blame where it belongs: this Government has cut local authority funding to the bone. Unfortunately, Kirklees has to increase council tax bills just to stand still.

  • Kirklees not fit for purpose ,screw the working man to pay for an overloaded beuracay


    Don’t agree with this increase at all – shame on all of you for agreeing such an increase when people are struggling with just the basics e.g. water, gas. electricity and food. I think all of you will, if i can help it. will be voted out at next elections as i will certainly remind the public about this!!!!!

  • What a load of rubbish

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