Ambitious Local Plan is formally adopted

Our ambitious Local Plan has been formally adopted, paving the way for economic growth and thousands of additional homes.

The plan has been several years in the making and, after receiving backing last month from a government planning inspector, it has now been approved by a meeting of full council.

What is the Local Plan?

The Local Plan outlines our ambitions for residential and commercial development which will help to create a sustainable economy.

It provides a framework for housing and job growth over the next 15 years and allows the council, its partners and the local community to shape the future of our towns and villages, boost economic growth, create healthier communities and attract business investment.

Cllr Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, said:

“Adoption of the Local Plan is tremendous news for our district. It marks the final stage in the process and shows the council’s commitment to deliver on its ambitions.

The government inspector had already confirmed our plan had the right balance between providing land for new development, economic aspiration and protecting important open spaces and heritage. Cabinet members, councillors and officers have worked incredibly hard to finalise a plan that will provide huge support for the local economy.

This is our blueprint for the whole of Kirklees and builds further on the high levels of investment we are already making in Dewsbury, Huddersfield and the rest of the district.

We are fully focused on regeneration, renewal and improving Kirklees for current and future generations.”

Development of the plan had included a large-scale public consultation, which was taken into account by the government inspector.

Councillor Peter McBride, Cabinet member for Economy, said:

“The Local Plan will be adopted immediately and will bring exciting new opportunities for businesses to grow and succeed in Kirklees. The council has a vital role in creating the right conditions for our local economy to thrive, ensuring the district is viewed as a great place to invest.

There will also be new homes to meet the growing need and these will be planned alongside improvements to local infrastructure. Adoption of the plans means we can manage where those homes are built, protecting green belt and urban green spaces from unwelcome development.”

Further information about the Local Plan can be found on our website.


  • Why no official replies from Kirklees? Are they too embarrassed? Time to change these incompetent part timers for paid professionals.

  • Stella Constable

    This is a travesty of democracy! With still an hour left for the meeting to run Labour closed the debate and moved to the vote Many councillors were left being unable to speak on this important matter which effected the very people that they represented and who this plan will affect.

  • So how did the discussion go when allowed at the Extra Council Meeting to discuss this issue.according to the time the time the Agenda was set? Or was there a different outcome fully planned?. Is this the final word on it? If democracy rules. It will it will not be. Why? For a start May elections. What an opportunity to change the balance.

  • Has the amount off school places available also been taken into account along with the houses being built ?,,,

  • yet again the I am god, Peter #king of the disasterous kill our town bus lanes McBride has stamped his overbearing authority on something that quite obviously numerous people think is a bad idea. who does this man think he is

  • I am disgusted what you Labour councilors have done, making these decisions. Am I right, 31.000 houses this is disgusting, on greenbelt land as well, what do you think you are playing at.Are you all taking a bung?
    When I heard Peter McBride on Radio Leeds, while being interviewed by Liz Green about the bypass at Bradley and Holmefirth, he really sounded completely dissinterested and not even knowing the subject which he boasted to know about.The sooner you lot dissaper and let some honest conservatives in the better.

  • I ask the question, “ what is the Local Plan” where can l see it.

  • Why are you destroying green belt when there are hundreds of vacant buildings that can be renovated or converted. Why aren’t you putting in compulsory purchase orders on places like the two empty Mills in marsden??????????

  • I think this I disgusting ruining the green belt there is a shortage already of GP surgeries dentists and schools. I think this should have been objected and I think the plan stinks.

  • Protecting green belt must be a priority there is plenty surplus withought ruining greenbelt. Hardworking people have invested in property that becomes their home that is situated in a position where previously land couldn’t be built on. Why should these people lose out, lose equity in their homes when they paid a premium to live there. Protect our existing homes.

  • I believe this labour lead council conducted public consultation in a very disingenuous way. You showed throughout the process no intention of considering public opinion. The disgraceful culmination of the extraordinary meeting on Wednesday highlighted this fact again. Many many people across Kirklees will be voting anyone but Labour. Only hope for this district is any council majority not led by Labour. Completely lacking in any vision and only interested in supporting political party not representing your constituents.

  • By all means manage where these homes are built but for heavens sake make sure that the appropriate infrastructure is put in place – KMC do not have a good record for doing this.

  • Heartbroken at these devastating plans

  • I will believe it when I see it…what are your plans for the regeneration of the town centre? Something urgently needs to be done, what is the plan for the george hotel and all the other buildings that have been left to fall into decline?????

  • With regard to building houses and infrastructure, as a council you do not know the meaning of infrastructure. Filling up villages with houses where there are narrow lanes, no pavements, at times taking your life in your hands with the amount of traffic that is now travelling through. Use the brownfield sites in and around Huddersfield first where there is the infrastructure to cope with the traffic.

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