It’s National Offer Day

It’s National Offer Day for secondary school places around the country – and almost 96 per cent of families in Kirklees have been successfully matched to one of their preferred schools.

Over 5,500 children will be starting secondary school in Kirklees in 2019, with 5,154 transferring from primary school to Year 7 and 350 moving into Year 9 from a middle school.

Overall, 95.3 per cent of the Year 7 applicants have been allocated a place at one of the schools stated as a preference on their application, while 99.2 per cent of Year 9 applicants have been allocated a place at their first preference.

Cllr Masood Ahmed, Cabinet member for Learning and Aspiration, said:

“One of the council’s biggest priorities is to help children enjoy the best start in life and have access to good-quality learning. There are excellent relationships between schools and the local authority and we work together in achieving our shared goals.

Moving to secondary school is always a big step because it’s a key transition for children and their families. I am delighted that almost 96 per cent of local families have gained a place at one of their top three preferences.”

Families make their applications online and are encouraged to name three preferences, including their catchment school.

For the last three years, the percentage of Kirklees families receiving a place at one of their preferred schools has been above both the regional and national average.



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