Crushing defeat for guilty fly-tippers

Fly-tippers, found guilty of dumping rubbish, have been fined and had the van they used destroyed.

What happened?

The offences, which occurred in June 2018, saw the pair of offenders using a red Mercedes Sprinter van to dump piles of rubbish, including sofas, mattresses and household waste, at Ouzelwell Lane, Dewsbury and Liley Road, Grange Moor.

They were operating a company by the name of “Non Stop Removals” on Facebook, offering to collect and dispose of people’s waste for a fee.

On 17 January 2019 they were sentenced, with both having to pay £585 in costs and charges. One has also been ordered to carry out 36 hours at an attendance centre, and the other was given a 12-month community order with 150 hours of unpaid work.

As part of the sentencing, the red Mercedes Sprinter van used to commit the offences was forfeited. We have now seized and destroyed the vehicle so it cannot be used for any further offences.

Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for Communities and Environment, said:

“We won’t stand for such selfish behaviour and those who think it’s acceptable to dump rubbish in Kirklees will pay the price.

Fly-tipping not only blights the appearance of our communities, it also comes at a cost to the taxpayer every time we have to clear it up. This is why we have a zero tolerance approach to such behaviour and destroying the vehicle used in this case sends out that message loud and clear.

I urge anyone who witnesses fly-tipping to report it straight to us and our teams will work hard to bring those responsible to justice.”


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To report fly-tipping and help Kirklees punish those responsible, visit our website.

For more on how to dispose of household waste, visit the website


  • Let us have fewer Jobsworths creating obstacles for responsible citizens who wish to tip lawfully.

  • Please please look at Sands Lane playing fields .A company on Mill Street has been throwing crap over the wall, it’s ridiculous how much plastic, gas cannisters ect are going into the river. I’ve reported it loads.

  • I agree. If they are not going to be serving time in prison, then get them clearing up other peoples fly-tipping. At least that way, it’s going to save money for the council when they have to clear up rubbish. The fines that are handed out to these people don’t even cover the cost of the clean-ups! It’s a no-brainer.

  • The punishment hardly fits the crime. £585, and the loss of an old van worth not much more. No prison terms.
    This is hardly going to deter other people from fly-tipping, in fact it will probably encourage others to do it, as the profits outweigh the losses. Also, the fine is a tiny percentage of what it cost the tax-payer to find and bring these people to “justice”.
    When are we going to start being tougher on people who commit this crime?

  • well done KMC! Put them in orange overalls and getting them litter picking at the side of the road!

  • Let’s have them ‘attending’ at the weekend along a rubbish strewn area eg road side with orders to clear an area completely – outcome measured by a challenging number of bags filled requirement rather than overall time. I’ve seen this in action on A38 embankments in Derbyshire.

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