• WOT no Bin. OK, signed up, so where is the bin? Not arrived as at today 28th April?

  • Hi Pat, you can call 01484 414700 and the team will be able to sign you up

  • How does a Kirklees resident sign up for a brown wheelie bin if they don’t have access to a computer

  • The garden bin scheme sounds like a good idea but at the full price it would appear to be £3.75 a month whereas the offer makes it £4.29 a month so it isn’t really an offer. I would take it up myself if it was a fair price.

  • I run a children’s day nursery. I have previously requested a green bin for recycling purposes and was declined. Similarly, now with the brown garden waste bin. Businesses are continuously pressurised to reduce the amount of waste, but our own council, to whom we pay large amounts on business rates and refuse collections won’t support us. I’m sure it is more than timely to now recognise how much business waste could be recycled, if local councils made it possible.
    We already have caring for the environment as part of our curriculum for under five’s, it would be great if we could show them how to do it at home, because we do it at nursery.

  • Are there any plans for community brown bins like bottle banks. Most people in my area have very small frontages and rely on pots for a bit of colour. The local community pull together to clear grot spots and make the area look beautiful, Think the idea of a community collection point for areas like ours would benefit everyone.

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