Tackling homelessness and rough sleeping

We have developed a plan to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping across the borough.

What’s in the plan?

The Kirklees Preventing Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy identifies the challenges and issues people in the borough face and sets out how we can make a change.

The strategy, which is due to be presented to Full Council on 20 March, will look at preventing people from becoming homeless and ending rough sleeping.

How will the plan benefit the homeless?

If approved, it would build on the support we already offer to those in need, such as housing and financial advice, clothing, food parcels and furniture.

In addition to this, we work closely with a number of organisations and charities which offer a range of support such as night shelters, foodbanks and drop-in cafes.

What does the plan focus on?

We have worked with a number of partners to put the strategy in place, as well as those affected by homelessness and rough sleeping themselves.

It focuses on working with people affected by homelessness and helping them to develop the skills, resilience and improvements to their health and wellbeing needed so they can live happier and more stable lives.

A key priority for us in reducing homelessness moving forward is to increase the amount and range of housing that is safe, secure, affordable, accessible and sustainable.

Another significant action, if the strategy is approved by Full Council, will be to make sure the right level of tailored support is available to those who might be at risk of homelessness. Working with local partners to better identify those at risk and prevent it would be key to this.

What are the solutions to end homelessness?

A number of solutions to end rough sleeping are also identified in the strategy, such as improving and extending emergency responses, including dealing with the impacts of adverse weather conditions and getting people off the streets quicker.

This would again be supported by a more preventative approach to ensure people do not return to rough sleeping in the future.

Cllr Cathy Scott, Cabinet Member for Housing, said:

“We want Kirklees to be a place where no one sleeps rough on our streets, where no one is excluded, and where the support to prevent and end homelessness is available for everyone.

Homelessness and rough sleeping are often complex issues and with this strategy we can work on delivering a wide range of support to the most vulnerable in our communities and make a real difference to their lives.

Housing, and having access to good housing, is crucial to people’s lives. As a council we’re committed to making sure the right number of good, quality housing is available and affordable so no one is left out in the cold.

Ending homelessness and rough sleeping underpins everything we stand for at Kirklees Council and we’ll do everything we can to support those that need our help.”

Want to know more?

To read the Full Council report click here.


  • Your ideas are really great however I note there is not one mention of actually providing permanent accommodation for these people rather everything but? How about spending some real money and making a real difference like renovareing and converting themany empty and falling down buildings around the area … then start with providing furniture food finalical advise and support !!?
    All sounds like a box ticking job ….!!

  • Thanks Peter

  • Congratulations on taking such a humane view to dealing with problem, there aren’t many who want to sleep rough & a helping hand will be appreciated

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