Ambitious vision for Kirklees economy approved

An ambitious vision to build a thriving and successful Kirklees economy has been approved by Full Council.

What is the Kirklees Economic Strategy?

The Kirklees Economic Strategy for 2019-2025 is our new innovative plan which will bring together all local organisations and businesses to create more success and wealth in the borough.

When was the strategy approved?

The strategy was approved at Full Council on March 20 and will now be adopted.

What are the plan’s priorities?

The plan has five priorities which aim to help deliver our vision for a successful economy that allows every resident, business and organisation to reach their potential.

These priorities are:

  • Modern and innovative business
  • Skilled and ambitious people
  • Active partnerships
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Infrastructure and revitalised centres

With modern, innovative businesses we will see boosted ambition and the cutting-edge to drive productivity and good jobs.

By equipping people with the skills, talents and confidence they need to access good, well-paid jobs, they can better contribute to and benefit from Kirklees’ economic success.

Strong partnerships across private, public and voluntary sectors will help Kirklees work together to build local wealth and achieve better outcomes.

Making sure that we have the highest standards of connectivity and infrastructure is key to this vision. Part of this will be to secure a Trans-Pennine rail upgrade, a Huddersfield-Dewsbury-Leeds Inclusive Growth Corridor, 10,000 new homes and excellent digital and green infrastructure.

Finally, revitalised centres will make better use of the strength of Kirklees’ many distinctive places – from the large towns of Huddersfield and Dewsbury to a wealth of smaller towns, villages and valleys.

Cllr Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, said:

“I’m delighted that the Kirklees Economic Strategy has been approved and we can now put these important plans in place.We’re a council with real ambition and this strategy will help us unlock the true potential of Kirklees so we can see our economy thrive.

This strategy is underpinned by inclusive growth – the aim is to ensure everyone benefits from the economic growth that is generated within the area of Kirklees. It will work for all of our towns, villages and valleys.

We know that we are stronger together, and are committed to building stronger partnerships across Kirklees and beyond. This strategy gives us the basis for joint action.

Closer working not just locally, but within the Leeds city region and other cities and towns across the UK, will help us deliver our vision and see Kirklees become an economic powerhouse.”

To read the strategy in full click here.


  • PS it’s true that the full strategy doesn’t load!

  • “Do something about rents/rates” days Francesca Gorny. What does she suggest? Business rates are set by central government and rents by the property firms who own the leases – neither are under the Council’s control.

  • Francesca Gorny

    The town centre, particularly Huddersfield, needs investment. Do something about rents/rates and encourage small independent businesses to take up residence. Get the issue of the George Hotel and the old college site sorted, and out of curiosity where on earth are going to put 10000 houses. Please don’t mention affordable housing, there’s loads of affordable houses in the £50k plus bracket, but today’s youngsters don’t want this type of house, they want newly built, so they don’t have to do anything to them. Stop pandering to the minority, there are loads of houses. If you do build them make sure we have the infrastructure to go with them, ie schools, hospitals, roads etc etc

  • There is nothing innovative about overcrowding homes in Kirklees. Infrastructure is a laugh. However you try to flower it up, building so many new homes on the riverside in Dewsbury can only be the most harmful thing I have heard from this Council for a long time. Which new roads are you suggesting the traffic generated use? It can take 30 mins or more to travel from Mirfield to Dewsbury on the existing roads. If you cared you would sort out the infrastructure before developing the area, although this would mean that you wouldn’t be able to profit financially until later.You are not a caring Council.

    PS Full Srategy won’t download!

  • That sounds very positive and much needed. I would be grateful if you could let me know more such as plans and projects other than the good news about the rail upgrade.

    Kind Regards

    Domenik Vilia

  • This is business speak it means nothing. Think again if you want to COMMUNICATE these ideas to the population of Kirklees.

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