Huddersfield schools consultation to go ahead

A consultation will take place on proposals to strengthen the schools system in Almondbury and the surrounding area.

Members of our Cabinet have agreed that a four-week consultation process will begin soon so that everyone can have their say on the possible changes.

We have put forward proposals to raise standards of care and education, helping children and young people to have the best start in life. The proposals mainly affect Almondbury Community School, with other potential changes at King James’s School and Newsome High School.

What are the proposals?

Almondbury Community School (ACS) is an ‘all-through’ school for children aged from three to 16 years (including nursery) and the main proposal is to change the age range at ACS so it caters only for children aged from three to 11 years. This would mean removing the secondary phase of the school over a period of time still to be determined (but not before summer 2020). Almondbury Community School would remain open as a primary school, serving local children and families.

Why are these proposals being put forward?

The number of pupils at Almondbury Community School has been reducing over recent years, while a recent Ofsted report said the school was ‘inadequate’ and required ‘Special Measures’. The new proposals aim to address some of these issues.

Work is ongoing to make improvements, but decisions are needed on whether Almondbury Community School is sustainable in the long term and whether it is in the community’s best interests for the school to continue in its current form.

At present, a total of approximately 300 pupils attend the secondary phase (which covers Year 7 to Year 11) and this means half of the available places are not taken. This number of pupils could be accommodated in the future at King James’s and Newsome if adjustments were made and a small number of extra places created at King James’s.

In addition, the primary places at Almondbury Community School (up to and including Year 6) are also under-subscribed so it’s proposed to gradually reduce the number of primary places available to 210 across the school. Children who already attend primary school at ACS would not be affected because they could remain until the end of Year 6. There would be enough places to meet demand across the borough’s schools.

Cllr Masood Ahmed, Cabinet member for Learning and Aspiration, said:

“The consultation will be vitally important because we want to hear the views of parents, carers and the wider community. This feedback is incredibly valuable and will help to shape the way forward.

Our aim is for children and young people of all ages to enjoy the best possible standards. We have worked closely with local schools in developing these proposals so that we can meet the demand for places and, at the same time, help children to fulfil their potential.”

Want to find out more?

You can see the documents on the agenda pack for the meeting.


  • Hi Paula, you can address your concerns directly to your ward councillor, their contact details can be found here –

  • I’d like to ask the councilors who come up with this proposal did they get to choose where there kids were schooled because by doing this to the community of almondbury stops us as parents deciding on the best school for our children also by closing this school it will have a knock on effect to other areas with thousands of new houses been built in and around kirklees children everywhere will struggle to get into school I also think you’ll shut the junior part of ACS by reducing the numbers as I know longcroft infants in almondbury has planning permission for a junior school

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