Our Museums and Galleries win National Lottery support

Our Museums and Galleries have successfully bid for £216,700 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Resilient Heritage Fund (NLHF). Made possible by National Lottery players, this grant supports an exciting and transformative 18-month programme for the museum’s service.

What’s the project about?

The project builds on recent work carried out during projects supported by the NLHF and Arts Council England. An advisory group will be established involving local groups and organisations to develop an ambitious vision for museums and heritage in Kirklees.

This new project will explore how the unique stories of the people and places of the past can inspire the future and play an important role in tourism, economic regeneration, education and people’s health and well-being.

When does it start?

Starting in spring 2019, the Museums and Galleries team will work with an experienced NLHF approved Mentor on the first stages of major strategic planning. Once produced, these plans will help the museums service to bid for more investment.

Where will it focus?

In South Kirklees, the project will focus on involving people in developing a vision for the proposed new Huddersfield Museum and Gallery. It will include looking at options for Tolson Museum and Huddersfield Art Gallery, the buildings which currently house our museums and galleries

In North Kirklees, the team will financially test a masterplan for Oakwell Hall and develop a masterplan for Bagshaw Museum. The project will also look at strategic priorities for the heritage offer across the district.

How does this investment fit in with our priorities?

The project will be linked to key Kirklees Council strategies and visions, particularly the 2016 Council Vision ‘Culture Kirklees’ and the initial stages of town centre master planning and regeneration across Kirklees and regionally.  It will enable the council to develop resilient and long term future cultural plans.

David Renwick, Head of the National Lottery Heritage Fund in Yorkshire and the Humber, said:

“The National Lottery Heritage Fund uses National Lottery players’ investment to help the UK’s heritage thrive so that it can benefit people and communities now and for the future. We’re delighted that our funding is helping to create a collaborative approach to heritage and culture across Kirklees.”

Jacqui Gedman, Chief Executive of Kirklees Council, said:

“It is exciting to have an opportunity to engage with partners and audiences, take a collaborative approach to our heritage and focus on the long term future.  This is vital in order to protect and support our rich heritage and to make it as accessible as possible for the people of Kirklees. We hope that local people and stakeholders will give the project their full support.”

Karl Battersby, Director of Economy and Infrastructure at Kirklees Council, said:

“We very much welcome this funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to be able to strengthen links between our heritage and key council strategies and plans, particularly regeneration across Kirklees. Heritage will play a significant role by using the remarkable stories of our past and present to inspire the future. We look forward to working with The Fund throughout major forthcoming regeneration projects.”

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  • Hi Stephen, I got an answer from the service for you. We are an Accredited museums service and follow the Museums Association Code of Ethics and Museum Accreditation Standard. We have a Collections Development Policy which governs its collections management including transfer, disposals, acquisition, care and conservation. The objects which were on display at Dewsbury Museum remain largely in the care of the Council’s Museums & Galleries service, most of them in store. We are constantly exploring ways to display objects to the public and some are included in a Discovering Dewsbury exhibition of local history at Dewsbury Town Hall which currently features artefacts donated by the channel swimmer Eileen Fenton. Some objects were transferred for display to other museum sites e.g. toys at Bagshaw Museum, or in the case of loans were transferred back to their owners. If further information is required about specific objects please contact our Curator, Katina Bill katina.bill@kirklees.gov.uk

  • Stephen pickering

    Hi crownest park museum Dewsbury, what ever happened to the artefacts that we viewed as children?

  • I’ve read this ‘management speak’ twice and I’m still no wiser as to what on earth this means. Does your funding run to reopening Red House, which was disgracefully closed by the council some time ago?

  • Perhaps you could use the money to reopen the Red House Museum which is definitely part of our heritage.

  • Sylvia Wagstaff

    I hope you’re looking after our libraries too.

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