Iconic Premier Town signs were not taken down by us – but we will be giving them away to fans

We are marking Huddersfield Town AFC’s memorable two seasons in the Premier League by giving away iconic souvenirs to fans.

How did we mark Town’s promotion?

To mark Town’s promotion to the Premier League in 2017, we worked with a private contractor to place road signs and lamppost banners around Kirklees which read ‘Premier Town’.

We did not take the signs down

Recent reports in the media accused us of taking the signs down this week – with six games still left to be played of the Premier League season – but this is not true.

Who took the signs down?

Unfortunately, a number of the road signs were stolen over the weekend following Town’s defeat, which means they will now be relegated at the end of the season.

We would have loved to have seen the signs remain in place until the end of the season, however, the private company that manages them made the decision to take them down, to prevent more going missing.

Contrary to recent media reports, the council did not make this decision, nor did it take the signs down. Many of the lamppost banners remain in place.


One of the lamppost banners which remains in place

Competition to win the iconic signs and banners

To make sure real Huddersfield Town AFC fans have the chance to own one of the iconic signs and banners, we’re going to hold a number of competitions to give them away. We will announce the details of these competitions in the coming weeks.

Karl Battersby, Director of Economy and Infrastructure at Kirklees Council, said:

“We’re incredibly proud of Huddersfield Town AFC. Their promotion to the Premier League in 2017 is a moment we’ll never forget.

They’ve done the town and the whole of Kirklees proud over the last two seasons in the Premier League. We hope the team and the fans enjoy the remaining games of this season.

Unfortunately, some of the Premier Town signs were recently stolen. We would’ve loved to have seen them stay up as a symbol of pride for Huddersfield Town AFC but the company who manages them had to take them down so more didn’t go missing. However, we know we’ll see Town back in the Premier League soon and we’ll put new signs straight back up.

We’re now planning a number of competitions to give the banners and signs away, making sure they go to the people who deserve them most, the amazing Huddersfield Town fans.”

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