Community Plus Continuing To Support Communities

Community Plus, is a service that works with people to help make positive changes in their lives, to improve health, wellbeing and promote independence.

There are four teams of Community Coordinators that work across Kirklees, helping people and communities identify their own strengths, needs and solutions through building valued and trusting relationships.

How many people have they supported?

Since launching in September 2017 Community Plus have helped over 3000 individuals and local community groups with funding opportunities, increased the number of volunteers, and have also increased local opportunities.

Supporting the local community

Community Plus have worked with individuals who have felt isolated and lonely by connecting them with things that are happening in their neighbourhoods and their local area.

They’ve supported people to take up volunteering, attend local activities, and have helped them have more control of their life.

It’s not just individuals Community Plus have helped, they’ve also supported groups in communities.  They’ve helped set up new self-help community groups to support people who are lonely, isolated and/or have mental health issues.

Find out what Community Plus means to the people of Kirklees

Find out how we helped Jeremy get out and about

The aim of Community Plus is …

• Support individuals and families to connect with others
• Work with people in our communities to make life better
• Help build and make our communities stronger and happier places to be

Together we can achieve all these things

Find out more and get in touch with us.

How has Community Plus helped local people?

What R said …

“Without your involvement I would not have known what to do or where to start. I felt I was stuck here and nowhere to look forward. Now I feel I have somewhere to go and hope for the future. I want to be able to give the children a future, a chance to have a decent job”.

What K said …

“Your support has given me the confidence to make things a reality, and has helped me identify and understand I have a variety of skills. You have given me the motivation to look further into things and explore ideas I didn’t think were possible”.

What M said …

“The group aren’t just a group, they are my friends. Before I’d go see my mum or go to the shops, but that was it. Now I can’t wait for Wednesdays”.

Cllr Musarrat Khan explains how Community Plus is connecting people across Kirklees.

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