Recycling campaign makes big improvement in first month

An additional 45-85 tonnes of waste is being recycled every week in Huddersfield following a crackdown.

When was the new campaign launched?

We launched a new campaign in April to help residents understand what should go in their green recycling bin. Since doing this, an additional 45-85 tonnes of waste a week is now being recycled.

How are residents helped to understand what can go in their green bins?

Starting on 1 April, the campaign has seen waste advisors checking the contents of the green bins to help residents understand what should, or should not be included.

What happens if a green bin receives a yellow sticker?

A yellow sticker is placed on bins containing the wrong items. Advisors then contact households before the next scheduled bin collection to explain why a sticker was given and what needs to happen to address this.

Our aim is to improve Kirklees’ recycling rate which, at 27 per cent, falls well below the national average of 45 per cent.

Whilst recycling rate figures are not yet available for the period between launching the campaign and now, early indications are very positive.

An additional 45-85 tonnes of waste a week is now being recycled

We can confirm that in Huddersfield, since the campaign began, an additional 45-85 tonnes of waste a week is now being recycled, rather than it having to be sent to landfill or for burning. This is on top of the waste already being recycled.

Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for Communities and Environment, said:

“Our recycling rates are simply not good enough and we must do better. What we’re doing with this campaign is taking recycling and how we deal with waste very seriously.

Some households are unsure of what can and cannot go in a green bin so this exercise will help to clear up any misunderstandings. Items such as soiled nappies, food waste, glass and black bin liners should never be placed in a green bin.

If an item which cannot be recycled is placed in the green bin, the whole load becomes contaminated and is rejected, meaning it has to be treated as general waste.

To make a difference, we all have a part to play and I would like to say a very big thank you to all our committed residents in Huddersfield and Holme Valley who have made this fantastic improvement possible.

However, this is just the start and we will start the process with the other half of the district in the coming weeks.”

How long will the advisors be checking bins for?

Advisors, along with ward councillors, will be out and about checking bins and talking to residents in South Kirklees until 25 May – following this, they will then be in North Kirklees from 27 May up to 26 July.

More information

You can find out more about green bins can be here.


  • So in 2017/18 Kirklees came 321 out of 345 councils for recycling. How good is that!

  • This press release obviously done by someone on work experience or someone sadly on lots of money and no clue of their job…….”since the campaign began an additional 45-85 tonnes” recylcyled……..YEAH WELL DONE!!!

    THEN in same article/press release you can’t give figures as it’s too early but you do above…….muppets!

  • On most plastic items, there is a recycling symbol with the initials of the type of plastic from which the item is made written beneath it. It would be extremely helpful to know exactly which plastic items are acceptable to Kirklees for recycling. Please would it be possible for you to provide the list on the website and with any recycling promotions or awareness campaigns. This would help Kirklees residents to recycle plastic more responsibly. Thank you.

    Paul Seddon

  • I don’t believe you. Send a leaflet/newsletter out with info on EXACTLY what’s recyclable, which plastics (types, numbers etc) with examples of good practice. Also, educate the lowlifes off the estates who just dump fridges, tables, mattresses etc on green areas (mfg playing fields) and the utterly ridiculous idea of stopping people taking rubble to tips. You are the cause of fly tipping with your charges and idiotic rules. Listen to the people.

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