Green recycling bins – Frequently asked questions

What is Kirklees Council’s green bin campaign?

We launched a new campaign in April to help residents understand what should go in their green recycling bin.

Some households are unsure of what can and cannot go in a green bin so this exercise will help to clear up any misunderstandings. Items such as soiled nappies, food waste, glass and black bin liners should never be placed in a green bin.

Are bins being inspected?

Recycling and waste advisors will be out and about checking bins and talking to residents in South Kirklees until 25 May – following this, they will then be in North Kirklees from 20 May up to 26 July.

Crews will continue to monitor green bins once the advisor team has moved on.

Why are the council doing this?

 We’re doing this because we need to improve Kirklees’ recycling rates which, at 27 per cent, falls well below the national average of 45 per cent.

One of the main causes of this is the fact that around 40 per cent of our green bin contents is contaminated with items such as food waste, nappies and other bagged waste.

What happens to contaminated recycling?

When someone puts something which can’t be recycled in a green bin, it contaminates everything else in the wagon once it’s collected. This means that when one person doesn’t recycle properly, everyone else’s efforts to recycle are completely lost as the whole load then has to be treated as general waste and will have to be either sent to landfill or incineration.

What happens if a wrong item goes in my green bin?

A yellow sticker will be placed on bins containing the wrong items. Advisors will then contact households before the next scheduled bin collection to explain why a sticker was given and what needs to happen to address this.

How are residents helped to understand what can go in their green bins?

Starting on 1 April, the campaign has seen recycling and waste advisors checking the contents of the green bins to help residents understand what should, or should not be included.

What happens if a green bin receives a yellow sticker?

A yellow sticker is placed on bins containing the wrong items. Advisors then contact households before the next scheduled bin collection to explain why a sticker was given and what needs to happen to address this.

Are Kirklees Council taking people’s green bins away?

Residents who continually fail to recycle properly, after being educated by council officers and receiving warnings, will have their green bins taken away for six months. After six months it will be returned, at which point an advisor will be present to provide further support in correct usage.

Won’t taking green bins away mean less waste is recycled?

 Actually, it’s already having the opposite effect. This is because by removing those bins that are contaminated or not emptying them it means the rest of the load can now be recycled.

 Has it made a difference?

 Since the start of this campaign we are already recycling 45-85 additional tonnes every week in Huddersfield. That’s between nine and 17 full waggons.

To make a difference, we all have a part to play and we would like to say a very big thank you to all our committed residents in Huddersfield and Holme Valley who have made this fantastic improvement possible.

More information

Information about correct use of green bins can be found here on our website.



  • Disappointed NOT to have received a response to my suggestion that INFORMATIVE STICKERS Be Printed for us to stick on Our Bins (even if at a small cost to ourselves) Of What We CAN or What CANNOT Put In (Even if just the headline stuff) …. ALSO I’d like to know more about What/Which ITEMS those line workers we see on T V Clearing Or Sorting Rubbish out on those Conveyor Belts are actually doing .. SURELY Engaging a few more of those operatives are the answer .. Even better if the Unions Allow SOME of those on Community Service to do it ..

    • Hi Bill, we are currently looking into the sticker issue at present, when we make a decision we will make sure it is publicised. As far as finding out about the sorting process, anyone can visit the site to see it first hand, please contact SUEZ on 01484 541355 to arrange.

      • Thank You So much for your encouraging reply on Potential For Key Information Bin Stickers Chris, Which sounds real promising .. And also your pointer on a visit to see Sorting Processes .. NOTWITHSTANDING Those Great Suggestions though Can’ t YOU Actually Tell Me/Us Which ITEMS of Rubbish those line workers are Sorting out on those Conveyor Belts .. I Say Again IF IT IS GREEN BIN ROGUE STUFF THEN SURELY Engaging a few more of those operatives WILL PROVIDE A strong (partial) answer to recycling .. AND AS I SAID BEFORE Even better if the Unions Allow SOME of those on Community Service to perform such duties ..

  • This appears to be the tail wagging the dog yet again . Was it in the interest of Kirklees residents when the contract was first negotiated or another cost saving thoughtless move.

  • Dominic Lenihan

    Where does this waste go to once it has been sorted?
    I have not looked but is there a list of does and donts anywhere on the web site?

  • Dominic Lenihan

    What does that mean????

  • Dominic Lenihan

    What funding is available for bringing new ideas to market?

  • Dominic Lenihan

    The problem is money. The council gets more money from people who are responsible than deal with the real issue. Of not everyone can afford the luxury of conscience and in the long run we all loose out.
    Talk to the people please?

  • Unfortunately I share a large bin with Neighbours, they seem to think it saves them a trip to the local tip. I take out some of the stuff they put in the bins and put it next to the bin but they don’t care and just leave it there!

  • I feel that we need to see the actual recycling numbers of kerbside recyclable items,online and on bin sticker,so that we can refer to them,if we are in doubt as to whether a particular item can be put in the recycling wheelie bin.

  • margaret Wilkinson

    If I left what I think of Kirklees on here i fear I would be shot a dawn
    All this expense to get better figures for yourself is out of control
    As is the Brown bin fiasco
    When I rang Kirklees to complain that they weren’t running the dates that were on their website, I just got a load of waffle.
    Six years ago I wrote to Kirklees asking for help for Disabled Pensioners, who had to use Nibb Lane Birstall And Could not either climb the steps or manage to lift their heavy bags
    I am still waiting for a reply.

    I think that says it all!!!!!!!! Don’t you

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