Town centre pavements to be given spring clean

We’ll be deep cleaning pavements across Huddersfield Town Centre starting on Wednesday 5 June. The work will involve an intensive deep clean to remove all aspects of everyday dirt and grime.

Where will the deep cleaning take place?

Work is scheduled to start at St Georges Square (outside the train station), on 5 June at around 9.30am – after the main morning commuter rush is over.

Cleaning will then move towards the town centre onto Market Place, New Street and High Street – including the pedestrian areas near Primark and Boots, Boots and finally onto the Piazza area.

Will there be road closures?

No diversions or closures are necessary whilst we carry out the cleaning.

How long will it take?

We’re aiming to finish cleaning by the end of June 2019.

Why we are deep cleaning?

Years of use and grime is now engraved on the pavement so cleaning will provide a cleaner and brighter environment for shoppers and visitors to enjoy.

Providing a pleasant environment goes some way to encouraging pride in the town centre, creating a more vibrant feeling which attracts businesses, shoppers and visitors.


  • Are you going to replace broken slabs and make the uneven ones level? Will stop shoppers falling over at a regular basis. Pity you will not come and resurface my road, been trying since 2009, more potholes than road!!

  • When is the rest of Kirklees being done ? Or won’t you have the resources???

  • Thank you so much, a good start to a new council, times are getting better. Thank you again!
    I am an avid recycler, there needs to be some rethinking on presentation regarding the whole subject with a person “in office” who are properly qualified not just people on a lead doing as they are told.

  • Pamela Spychalski

    About time. I hope you’ll be cleaning or replacing some of the bins and benches too.

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