Works Better- Lee’s Story

Works Better are not like other ‘into-work’ programmes. They help people who want to get into work overcome the barriers that are stopping them. Read about how Works Better helped Lee gain full-time employment.

What is Works Better?

Works Better provides a personalised and holistic service to help residents aged over 25 identify and remove barriers that prevent them entering the labour market.

It offers a comprehensive and innovative matrix of support activities to prepare people for work before connecting them to suitable vacancies through our bespoke matching service. A package of In Work Support helps to ensure that residents can sustain work.

What’s Lee’s story?

Lee came to the Works Better employment programme after falling out of work in May 2018. He was keen to get back into work but presented himself as having very low confidence in himself, making very little eye contact with his Transitional Support Worker and being very short in conversations to start with.

How did Works Better support Lee?

As Lee had just recently fallen out of work the team worked with him to ensure his CV up to date with his work history and reflected the types of jobs he was looking for. Such as Warehousing & Manufacturing as he enjoys doing physical jobs where he can work within a routine.

Did Works Better find Lee a new job?

Shortly after enrolling onto programme the Works Better team held a pre-screening employability session for participants to learn about new employment opportunities that had become available with a local furniture manufacturer.

After hearing about the working environment and the skills and qualities the employer was looking for in a new recruits, Lee decided to put his name down to be put forward to be selected for a working interview. The team prepared him for what to expect at the trial and created a journey plan to make sure he was well prepared and punctual.

Did Lee pass the work trial?

After a week into the work trial the company selected Lee to become a member of the team and work full time on the assembly and production line. He passed his probation period and has managed to sustain employment for over 12 months now in a job he loves and is motivated to learn more and progress within the company.

Is Lee still in work?

Lee has recently moved to a building role on the production line and is learning new skills. His manager told the team that if she had interviewed him one on one that he wouldn’t have been successful because of the lack of eye contact he made and the lack of conversation that he would hold at first. However because the working interview gave the company a chance to showcase skills and work within the team, he passed with flying colours.

The company has recently updated the team that Lee is a completely different person to who he was 12 months ago, he is more confident, talkative and has become a fundamental part of the team.

Lee grew in confidence, realised his potential and built a career

By reacting quickly to Lee’s redundancy by providing support to; develop his CV, carry out intense job searches, access a unique job matching opportunity built by via strong employer networks and continuing to provide in work support for 6 months. The team at Works Better provided the right support Lee needed to grow in confidence, realise his potential and start to build his career.

How is the Works Better programme funded?

The Works Better programme is part funded through the European Social Fund and delivered through a collaboration of six partners (Kirklees Council, Fusion Housing and Paddock Community Trust, Calderdale Council, Newground, Wakefield Council and Groundwork) across Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield.

More information

To find out more information about the Works Better programme, visit their website.

To refer to Works Better call: 01484221000

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