Officers hit the streets to demonstrate licensing regulations

We were out and about on Kirklees streets last week inspecting local businesses as part of National Licensing Week, raising awareness of the role licensing plays.

What is National Licensing Week?

National Licensing week is an opportunity to raise awareness with the public about the different licenses required and demonstrate how it affects daily lives.

Licensing affects everyone on a daily basis whether it’s jumping into a taxi, eating from street traders or entering shop premises to donate to charity or make a purchase.

What happened?

Officers from the licensing team teamed up with West Yorkshire Police to run a traffic operation on Private Hire and Hackney vehicles across Mirfield, Dewsbury and Batley.

Several vehicles had licenses immediately revoked, with one vehicle being towed away by Unit 1 recovery. Vehicles were also inspected for defects and two were deemed so serious they were immediately prohibited by DVSA officials.

Officers also spoke with local business owners displaying A-boards and goods outside, and checked appropriate licenses were in operation, signposting those who did not have licenses, and advising on the enforceable consequences.

Cllr Rob Walker, Cabinet Member for Culture and Environment says:

“This was a brilliant opportunity for the council to communicate with local businesses, from private hire and hackney drivers, to café and hotel owners, explaining the importance of having the correct licenses in place.

We were able to demonstrate partnership working with West Yorkshire Police and DVSA, showing a strong presence across Kirklees, with some of our Hackney drivers saying it was nice to see a presence and acting on their concerns.

We’re really pleased with the work carried out and the positive response we’ve received from the business owners.  They too are important partners in making licensing work effectively. The key message is that licensing is vital to protect the interests of both businesses and our residents in Kirklees.”

If anyone has concerns about a license or would like to apply for a license please contact or call Kirklees Direct on 01484 456868.

One comment

  • Licence with a c is a noun. License with an s is a verb. So, it should be, e.g. … having the correct licences in place, not …having the correct licenses in place.


    The/a licence (noun)
    To license; licensing (verb)
    You must have a driving licence and your car must be licensed.

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