Completing a Household Enquiry Form is NOT just about registering to vote

What is a Household Enquiry Form?

The Household Enquiry Form is sent to every household to check whether current voter registration records are correct.  By law we have to do this every year – expect your form by the middle of July.

Why do I have to respond to the form?

We use the information which you provide on the form so we can update and publish the revised voter register.

The form lists the current eligible registered voters in your household and asks you to check and update the details if necessary (by adding or removing names).

By responding straight away you help to save the Council money by reducing the need to send out costly reminders.  Money saved can then be spent on local services instead.

What if nothing has changed?

Even if nothing has changed you DO need to respond to the form.

Individual Electoral Registration means that every individual is personally responsible for being on the electoral register.  Government rules mean you could be fined £1,000 if you don’t respond.

It’s easy and quick enough to let us know – you can do it online, by telephone, by text message or by post. The information included with your form explains how you can do this.

How else does completing a Household Enquiry Form help me?

Not completing the form may affect your credit rating and your chances of opening a bank account, applying for a mortgage or loan, or even getting a mobile phone contract.  Completing the form will help minimise these risks.

What happens next?    

If the details on the form are correct, then once you’ve replied confirming these, that’s likely to be it. But if changes need to be made, you’ll need to do more.

If one or more people in your household isn’t registered to vote they will be sent an Invitation to Register. Each new person will need to either fill this form in too or register online if they prefer.  This is in addition to completing the Household Enquiry Form.


  • Rather Stupidly, I have, throughout my life used 2 or maybe even 3 different signatures, and I’m NEVER SURE Which One I Should Use On My Voting Forms, Which I Believe Is critical if it’s not to be dealt with as ‘spoiled’ .. How Can I Resolve this .. i.e Yes I’m happy to discipline myself into using One Dedicated Signature on Voting forms but how can I find out which one I should now, and in future use .. Kind Regards .. Bill.

  • Fabulous .. WILL DO & Thank You So Much .. Bill.

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