The Huddersfield Blueprint: The Cultural Heart

We successfully launched our ten-year vision for Huddersfield Town Centre on Wednesday 26 June.

Creating a ‘Cultural Heart’

One of the main focuses in our Huddersfield Blueprint plan is to create a new ‘Cultural Heart’ in the town centre – creating a vibrant culture, art, leisure and nightlife offer, thriving businesses, a great place to live, improved access and enhanced public spaces.

Have steps been taken towards delivering The Huddersfield Blueprint?

We have taken our first step towards delivering The Huddersfield Blueprint after striking a deal with the owners of the Piazza to purchase it. Our vision is to create a ‘Cultural Heart’ built around the Queensgate Market and library building.

What will the ‘Cultural Heart’ include?

This will include; a library, art gallery, museum and live music venue in the Piazza and Queensgate area. This will be further supported by restaurants, bars, cafes and the Lawrence Batley Theatre.

The removal of buildings around the Piazza area could create a large, family-friendly open space for people to gather with lawns, water features and seating steps.

What about traffic?

We also want to create better links between the ring road and the town centre, and will do this by improving the public space around Queensgate and opening up the Piazza to Queen Street.

We’re also planning to improve links across the ring road, making it easier for pedestrians to access the university, the Cultural Heart and Bates Mill into the town centre.

What will happen with the Market Hall carpark?

Market Hall carpark is being considered for either a new and improved carpark, a hotel or a youth zone.

How to have your say on the Huddersfield Blueprint

The plans are subject to a three-month consultation and engagement period which will begin on Monday 8 July.

Residents can view the plans at the Blueprint shop at Unit 32, the Piazza Centre, Huddersfield from 8 July. The shop will be open Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm.

More information

For more information, to view the plans in full and to watch a fly-through video visit our website – where you’ll also be able to share your thoughts on the plans from Monday 8 July.




  • This is pie in sky. I have lived in Huddersfield and surrounding areas for 49yrs. We have lost our heritage buildings and some were replaced by monsters i.e the market hall. The George Hotel lost. There have been several revamps of St George’s Square and none have made it any better. Tried pedestrianising Town to no avail. We need shops so people will use the town during the day. We have a great open space in Greenhead Park. We are just catering for the students not the rate payers. Like the HD1 idea it is too late and taken too long. Why not do something with the land where the sports centre was it is waiting to be utilised. WHAT A WASTE OF OUR COUNCIL TAX. Who thinks up these ridiculous ideas. We have just had one for Holmirth which was laughed out if court.

  • Will you be providing extra car parking in the area of the new cinema? (It will need to be large if the the size of the out-of-town-centre cinema car park is anything to go by) and/or have you thought about the availability of appropriately late buses to get home to rural areas at the end of the film shows?

  • Why can we not see past comments including mine? This is not good enough!

  • Great idea s. But please get rid of the awful bus gates as this will stop people driving in to town as it does me. Make parking cheaper & more parking spaces.

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