The Huddersfield Blueprint: New Street

We recently successfully launched The Huddersfield Blueprint on 26 June, 2019.

What was in the plans?

We detailed our plans to create a modern high street by creating two distinct halves to New Street: New Street North and New Street South.

What are the five key objectives?

Our plans to deliver five key objectives for Huddersfield Town Centre include: a vibrant culture, art, leisure and nightlife offer, thriving businesses, a great place to live, improved access and enhanced public spaces.

What are the plans for New Street North?

As the heart of Huddersfield’s shopping area, New Street North needs to be an attractive space for visitors. Our plans for this area are to enhance the public area with garden streets where people can relax and events can take place.

We’d like to downgrade the road at Market Place, making it much easier and pedestrian-friendly. This will be done alongside a refresh of the already pedestrianised areas here, including Cloth Hall Street and King Street.

How else will the area be improved?

We will reduce street clutter and improve the road and pavement surfaces and planting. This will help support occasional markets and events, and improve the route to New Street South.

What will happen to New Street South?

New Street South could become a pleasant residential community. We’ve already started to make this happen, with the conversion of the former Co-operative building into accommodation living space. The adjoining Wilko’s building could also be developed in a similar way.

How to have your say on the Huddersfield Blueprint

The plans are subject to a three-month consultation and engagement period which will begin on Monday 8 July.

Residents can view the plans at the Blueprint shop at Unit 32, the Piazza Centre, Huddersfield from 8 July. The shop will be open Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm.

More information

For more information, to view the plans in full and to watch a fly-through video visit our website – where you’ll also be able to share your thoughts on the plans from Monday 8 July.

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  • If you get rid of Piazza and Wilkos is going to be made more residential where are those shops going to go?

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