The Huddersfield Blueprint: Station Gateway

One of the six areas identified for improvement in The Huddersfield Blueprint is Station Gateway.

Why does Huddersfield Railway Station need improving?

Huddersfield Railway Station is already a striking arrival place for visitors, but we think we can do even better.

What are our five key objectives?

Our plans to deliver five key objectives for Huddersfield Town Centre include: a vibrant culture, art, leisure and nightlife offer, thriving businesses, a great place to live, improved access and enhanced public spaces.

Our plans to support the future Trans-Pennine Route rail upgrade will provide an arrival space, drop off zone and a new entrance to Huddersfield Train Station.

Will there be any improvements to facilities in the station?

We are also looking at improving facilities in the station. This may include new cafés, restaurants and retail to improve the experience for passengers.

Will the station be better connected to the rest of the town centre?

As a key entrance into Huddersfield, we will look to better connect it to the rest of the town centre. On leaving the station, the areas to both the east and west will open up to the town and the first impression will be of high-quality space and architecture.

What about parking?

Lower levels of St George’s Warehouse could be converted into a carpark, providing much needed extra parking for the town. The upper floors could be converted into office space, apartments or a hotel, making better use of the site and connecting it to the town.

What will happen to the existing Estates Building?

We want to bring the existing Estates Building back to life and back into use. The ground floor could be used for retail, with upper floors being converted and utilised as apartments.

What about the iconic George Hotel?

We are also committed to seeing the iconic George Hotel brought back into use. We will continue to work with the owner to make sure it re-opens. The George Hotel and St Georges Square plays a big role in our vision.

How to have your say on The Huddersfield Blueprint

The plans are subject to a three-month consultation and engagement period which will begin on Monday 8 July.

Residents can view the plans at the Blueprint shop at Unit 32, the Piazza Centre, Huddersfield from 8 July. The shop will be open Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm.

More information

For more information, to view the plans in full and to watch a fly-through video visit our website– where you’ll also be able to share your thoughts on the plans from Monday 8 July.

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  • we despretley need more car parking for the railway station and the upgrade of the line now not in ten years time its been too long in the making its just all talk as usual for huddersfield

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