We are reducing emissions with huge street light conversion scheme

Our programme to replace street lights across the borough to make them more environmentally-friendly has made a significant impact on the authority’s carbon footprint.

How many lights have been converted?

Over the last year, we have continued with our LED conversion programme, which has resulted in 60 per cent of the lighting network now converted – which is 6,380 lights. This has reduced the carbon footprint by 1,600 tonnes CO2.

How much electricity has been saved?

There has already been a reduction in electricity of 3,025,378kwh, which is the equivalent of running 18,116 televisions for four hours every day for a year.

There has been an overall reduction of 32 per cent of carbon generated over the last five years due to this scheme.

Does this work support the climate emergency?

This supports the work we are doing to improve our impact on the environment after declaring a climate emergency in January, 2019.

We have formed a cross-party Climate Emergency Working Party which meets monthly and drives positive changes the authority and people of Kirklees can make so the borough can become a greener place.

Will the remaining lights be changed?

We have also now started a £12.5million four-year LED conversion programme for the remaining 31,000 lights and significantly reduced the number of street lighting faults compared to the previous year.

Cllr Rob Walker, Cabinet Member for Culture and Environment, said:

“We have committed to reducing emissions as far as practically possible.

Street lighting forms a highly visible and vital role, enabling safe use of the highways for road users and pedestrians so it’s essential we do this effectively.

We are also identifying new opportunities where we can reduce emissions and are continuing to work internally with staff to get our own house in order and lead by example, reducing carbon emissions across the organisation.”

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  • These are the most environmentally-unfriendly street-lights I have ever seen. The council is guilty of ‘greenwash’. Why not choose a colour range that human beings would actually like and feel comfortable with? It is civic vandalism with no consultation and no right to complain. .

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