How do you feel about Huddersfield town centre?

Places in Huddersfield town centre

Everyone has their own experience of a place. How do you feel about Huddersfield town centre now, and what are your hopes for the future?

Staff from Kirklees Council and local volunteers are out and about in the town centre this summer. We’re asking visitors, residents, businesses, shoppers, students and local organisations how you feel about Huddersfield town centre.

How do you feel about Huddersfield?

What’s happening?

The Place Standard

We’re using a tool called the Place Standard. This is a way of helping to get conversations going about any place (it could be your street, neighbourhood or town), by using some simple questions.

It’s an opportunity for you to give your overall impressions of a place, including things like how easy it is to get around, whether you feel connected to other people in the area, and whether you feel safe.

We’re working with citizens, councillors and partner organisations to have the same kind of conversation in lots of our local places – wherever people are interested in having the conversations. So it’s not just happening in Huddersfield.

How can I take part?

If you use Huddersfield town centre, please take part in the activities to let us know how you feel. There are a range of ways to take part:

What happens next?

What you tell us will help to inform decisions about what happens next in Huddersfield town centre. The results will be considered as part of the next stage of The Huddersfield Blueprint, which is our 10-year vision to create a thriving, modern-day town centre.

We’ll publish the results online so that anyone who has an interest in Huddersfield town centre can find out what people said and make use of this to help plan for the future.

Find out more

How do you feel about Huddersfield?

What we’re doing

How good is our place?


  • Has anyone heard of Cleckheaton? No, thought not. we don’t even have public transport to and from Huddersfield in the evenings (even if we wanted to!) North Kirklees is always at the bottom of every proposed “improvements” and Cleckheaton is the bottom of that list, too!

  • We need to be made a city and not overlooked by retailers.

  • Please remember there are other towns in Kirklees-eg Mirfield and Dewsbury. Why is no money ever spared for us?

  • It all looks very nice and will be wonderful for the fortunate people of Huddersfield but what about North Kirklees, where Dewsbury is like a ghost town and Batley is not the town it was ???

  • This survey is idiotic. It is so non-specific as to be meaningless. Sadly, Kirklees Council has a history of wasting time and money on stupid surveys such as this. Instead of moronic generalities which can be interpreted any way the reader likes, the public should be asked very specific questions on each aspect of the Council’s 10-year blueprint and strategy for each of the town centre areas.

    Please end this stupidity and engage in true consultation on how the Council sees the future of our Huddersfield and is spending millions of pounds of our money.

  • Malcolm Whiteley

    What about Batley and Dewsbury town centres which are a disgrace

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