Tell us your experience of accessing information about your adult social care services

Are you an adult carer or do you receive adult social care support in Kirklees?

Do you sometimes find it difficult to access information about your adult social care and support?

Kirklees Council Adult Social Care would like to hear about your experiences and how things could be improved.

We are also interested to know if you would like to be able to access more of your information online and if so, how.

What is the purpose of the survey?

The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from people who receive adult social care services and carers of people who receive adult social care services from Kirklees Council on their experiences of accessing information about their care services.

How will my feedback help?

Your feedback will help us to improve the way we support you in accessing your information about your adult social care services.

Completing this survey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. It asks about you and your care, your experience and feedback about different elements of getting and finding information from the council, your attitudes about possible changes (including online) and your contact details only if you wish to participate in future research.

Complete the survey

You can complete the survey on our website.

What happens next?

Lagom Strategy, the organisation helping the council manage the consultation, will produce an independent report of the consultation results.


  • Hi Deborah, we appreciate your feedback and I have passed your enquiry onto the relevant team. We have updated the survey so people like yourself can have their say too. Please use this link to complete the survey: ^EMT

  • I tried to complete this survey, I care for two adults and I am disabled. We have never received help and when I have contacted Kirklees have found them to be disinterested. When I answered that we have never received care the survey threw me out. A very effective way of precluding anyone who may need care but is unable to access any. We remain isolated apart from a private carer for two hours a week and, though I’ve no desire to cross Kirklees Council, in my opinion they are failing in their duty of care.. Apparently those who are reducing costs by caring for family members at home will continue to be ignored.

  • I have mental health and use services. I would like to speak with the independent investigators but have recently been told to go and see my MP or take legal advice. The last survey I saw wouldn’t have exposed most issues. Online Trust is a thing and a person wouldn’t know who or where the information they provide would go or potentially end up, or what it could be used for. From lived experience people have enough to deal with without getting into online debate and wrongly or rightly don’t believe they are always being ‘helped’ Findings get published and lessons are learned, but services seem to get less effective. Funding is always mentioned, despite people down London, including PM, saying they are putting money into mental health services it must fall down the Watford Gap on the way to Yorkshire. Services are in crisis and often hinder not help at a time when more and more people need help, often through no fault of their own. Trust and confidence in Kirklees council is at a new all time low generally. Their Surveys show residents are happy and satisfied but no one ever meets satisfied residents but that’s statistics and the way the questions are asked. There used to be health meetings with ‘people of lived experience’ chaired by Alex Feather which were very good and useful but funding was pulled and the meetings discontinued. Alex could probably be found through the mental health magazine or recovery college if that’s still a thing? Trying to stay positive.

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