Community Learning Works- Joe’s story

Joe is one of the many candidates who won an Adult Community Learning award at the beginning of the summer. Winning the award for his dedication to volunteering across many communities in Kirklees.

Joe’s story

Joe lives with a learning disability and autism and has a real passion for social media and photography. Joe was referred to Community Learning Works by Carers Count, after he started to support them with their social media activity.

The staff at Carers Count felt that Joe had a lot of potential to further develop his skills, and gain new experiences, however he sometimes lacked confidence when it came to dealing with new situations.

How did Community Learning Works help Joe?

Community Learning Works worked with him to develop his skills and confidence through a variety of new volunteering placements to get including an exciting opportunity at Kirklees Local TV.  He had the opportunity to be part of the team filming a reggae festival in Leeds.  “I never thought I would be doing anything like this”, he said.

What is Joe doing now?

Joe is now volunteering on a marketing project with Bagshaw Museum and Batley Smile – a project that Community Learning Works is supporting along with Creative Minds and other funders.

He is learning new skills all the time and becoming more confident dealing with new situations. The volunteering opportunities have taken Joe out of his comfort zone, helped him to develop personally and given him a real sense of achievement raising his aspirations for the future.

Joe said: “When I was told about the marketing project about Bagshaw, I jumped at the chance.  I am from Batley and have always loved spending time in the park.  I know there are so many great ways to improve the park and museum.  I think a great idea would be to do a photography club.”

Will Community Learning Works continue to support Joe?

Community Learning Works will continue to support Joe as he wants to do an advanced photography course and also improve his English.

The Kirklees Skills Work team provided guidance, one to one mentoring and volunteering opportunities to Joe that has helped him to become more confident in himself and embrace new opportunities.

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