Changes to Blue Badge eligibility criteria now include hidden disabilities

We are set to implement changes to Blue Badge holder criteria after the government announced changes as to who will be eligible to apply.

Who will now be eligible?

The Department for Work and Pensions and Kirklees Council estimate that around 500 residents who have a non-visible disability will be eligible without further assessment, under the new criteria, which will be included from 30th August 2019.

Those applicants that need to be assessed for a Blue Badge must have their stated difficulties confirmed by an expert assessor meaning that not all applicants will be successful even though they may have a hidden condition.  It is thought around 7,000 Kirklees residents with hidden disabilities could apply with that further assessment.

Strict criteria to assess eligibility will include whether or not a person has difficulty moving between a vehicle and their destination.  If a person meets this and one of a further four criteria, then they will be advised to apply for a badge online.

How does the badge work?

Under the scheme, badge holders can park without charge or time limit in otherwise restricted on-street parking environments.  Parking on yellow lines is also permissible for up to 3 hours unless a loading ban is in place.

How can I find out more?

Further information on the Blue Badge scheme and how to apply can be found online.


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