Record Number of Events Celebrate Kirklees’ Diverse Heritage

Over two dozen new locations will be opening their doors across Kirklees as part of the national Heritage Open Days festival, which this year will run for ten consecutive days, from 13 – 22 September.

What’s happening this year?

In total a record 68 sites and events will celebrate the area’s heritage and culture, offering an insight into places not always open to the public. Last year almost 5,000 people enjoyed the chance to explore a range of historic places and participate in a variety of events.  This year’s programme is more widely spread across Kirklees, with ten new events in Dewsbury and Mirfield alone, alongside well-established strengths in Huddersfield and the Valleys. 

Are the venues and events free?

All venues and events are free, although, because of limited capacity, a small number have to be booked.

What can I expect from this year’s Kirklees Heritage Open Days?

Amongst some of this year’s new entries are visits to Dewsbury’s oldest shop, trading since 1860 and now an intimate museum; a converted C19 piggery with Bronte connections in Mirfield; the remote Shred Mission Chapel above Slaithwaite; a walk to discover Lockwood and the history of its Spa; and a chance to explore and understand Huddersfield’s Buddhist centre in Birkby.

Other highlights are linked to this year’s national theme ‘People Power’, celebrating individuals and communities who have worked together to bring about change. These include a talk by Georgina Hutchison, author of ‘Under the Canopy of Heaven’, a novel about Luddite George Mellor; a tour of Greenhead Park led by Thomas Denham, who set out his vision for it in 1869; and a  talk at Huddersfield’s Hall of Science (now Ramsay  Clay) built by followers of early socialist, Robert Owen.

Find out what events are happening

Details of all 68 events and the booking process can be found in the Kirklees Heritage Open Days brochure, which is being distributed to information points and libraries across Kirklees from 19 August or by going to the national website.

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