We want to hear your feedback on revised Holmfirth Town Centre plans

We want to hear your feedback on revised Holmfirth Town Centre plans

We are asking the public to comment on revised plans for Holmfirth Town Centre between 9 and 27 September.

In March this year local residents and businesses were invited to have their say on the initial plans to ease congestion through the town centre and improve the public realm.

They included making Victoria Street one-way and creating a new link road between Hollowgate and the A6024 Huddersfield Road.

However, the majority of local people who commented were against the plans.

What happens now?

Taking feedback into account we are working in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, who have now redesigned the scheme and released plans for public comment.

What’s in the new plans?

The revised proposals aim to deliver improvements to traffic flows, encourage people to walk and cycle more and enhance the public areas in the town centre.

They include a footpath/cycle link over the River Holme, reconfiguring traffic signals on the A6024, upgrading the pedestrian facilities on Victoria Street and Town Gate and providing a dedicated electric vehicle charging point car park.

Cllr Peter McBride, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said:

“These new proposals will re-purpose the town centre, making it a vibrant place to be and will enhance the areas for festivals. It will provide much-needed improvements for pedestrians, whilst still improving traffic flow through the area – the key requirement for receiving funding from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

We are aware of the Holme Valley Parish Council draft Neighbourhood Plan and the work this is trying to achieve, so have mutual objectives in mind.

We hope the latest proposals reflect this and will receive the support from the people of Holmfirth so we can take the scheme forward.”

Where can I view the plans?

People can view plans and have their say on our website.

There will also be an exhibition on Thursday 26 September at the Holmfirth Civic Hall between 9am and 7pm where people can view the plans and ask questions.

How is the scheme funded?

The scheme forms part of wider plans to improve road access across Kirklees and is funded through the West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund.

What is the West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund?

The West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund is supported through the Leeds City Region Growth Deal – a £1 billion package of Government investment through the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to accelerate growth and create jobs across Leeds City Region.





  • Having read the comments of the above, not sure any of them will work with any satisfaction. As for having a roundabout at the bottom of the Dunford Road, it would not work, you give way to the right, the Dunford Road would still be backed up with traffic, the only chance you have of getting out is the crossing at busy times outside Kayes, when cars stop to let people cross. Oh, by the way, the yellow box either needs a repaint or perhaps the traffic wardens who like giving tickets give them to people who will insist on stopping in the box and bringing Holmfirth to a stand still.

  • Hi Jeff, thanks for your comments, could you share your concerns with our highways team – highways.ross@kirklees.gov.uk and they can pick up your query and provide a response.

  • Been discussing this, this morning on the Holmfirth Community FB page.


    The new crossings need to be pelican type and linked to the traffic lights so that when traffic stops, peole can cross, that is a major cause of the issues as people, as is their right, cross randomly on the zebra crossings.

    Traffic enforcement.

    The double yellow lines and other parking restrictions are ignored as a matter of course. Almost no-one obeys the box junction rules at the bottom of Dunford Road, and Dunford Road is full of vehicles parked on double or single yellow lines, which causes large vehicles to get stuck, which then in turn feeds back into the centre. Enforcement cameras? Wardens?

    Traffic Lights

    Are simply on the wrong timings most of the time. 15 seconds on green does not allow enough reaction time, especially when linked with the crossings issue as above. Can SCOOT or MOVA systems not be used?

  • David, I totally agree with the link road idea. My only reservation would be that it may limit the capital available for the town center, better outdoor seating needed also things like trip hazards – I think they call them pavements in other towns and the rat run known as Hollowgate could loose out. But you are right I am sure it would improve the traffic flow.

  • Link road needed between New Mill Rd and Huddersfield Rd . Run from old Midlothian Garage site to Aldi entrance.This would reduce much of the HGVs on Victoria St . Would also reduce traffic on Bridge Lane and Heys Rd. Do it now ,nothing in the way ,nothing to knock down !

  • Your comment makes very good sense, and not too expensive.

  • Hello, Thank you for the changes made to the plans for the town centre, much better than plan A. We have always thought the lack of outside seating could be improved by using Hollowgate and welcome the improvements opposite Rotcher Road. Could I suggest that when the Market Hall is demolished the lower part of the area on Hollogate becomes a dedicated seating area for outside eating, and consideration is given to restricting the speed of vehicles on Hollogate which is at times a “rat run”.
    We greatly enjoy living in Holmfirth, but like our frequent visits to Marsden and Slaithwaite which both have seating by the river and/or canal, thank you again we hope the plans are welcomed with everyone, regards Keith Reynolds.

  • Which world is Mr McBride in. The best solution for Holmfirth is to stop all parking on Victoria Street. Place cameras on Victoria Street to catch all offenders.Make delivery vehicles allowed to unload at specific times. This would help the bottle neck. The lights have been changed several times but until all parking on Victoria Street is made illegal then no messing with road alterations will help. This is town in a narrow valley with nowhere for a relief road.

    This is some 25 to 30 years too late. As a retired police officer who worked Holmfirth in the hey days of Last of the summer wine things should have been sorted then.

    This is a total waste of money. Mr McBride would appear to keep having these so called bright ideas just so he can keep his name in the local news.

  • Holmfirth village is desperately in need of a revamp.

  • All you need to do is remove the zebra crossing by Lloyd’s bank and that will ease the traffic on victoria Street. Sensors on the traffic lights will add to the seclusion. If the traffic lights break traffic flows better. That should tell you something.

  • Mrs Ann Kaye - Howard

    Holmfirth needs a roundabout at Junction of Victoria St Dunford Road,.
    We don’t need two zebra crossing This is what holds traffic up.
    Don’t matter what the traffic lights are timed at traffic will still be held up at both zebra crossings.
    Parking has not been addressed Take a look at cars parked up both sides of greenfield Rd
    Take a look at cars parked on woodhead Road. Makes for dangerous driving on both roads
    We don’t need a specialist car park for electric cars
    The above points are the main points to keeping Holmfirth traffic running freely and safely.
    These points do not appear in your plan

  • It appears to me that the main driving force behind this and the previous flawed plan is an overwhelming desire to demolish the market hall. Do we have any honest councillors?

  • I can’t see why there can’t be two lanes for traffic approaching from Huddersfield, one to filter traffic down Victoria Street and the other for traffic going straight ahead. After all there is a identical system for traffic approaching in the opposite direction, if anything there is more room for an extra lane at the Huddersfield side of the Traffic Lights. If this was the case then less ‘Traffic Light time’ could be given to traffic approaching from the Huddersfield side and more to those approaching from Holmbridge and Victoria Street.

  • Not sure whether or not this would be of benefit……When the main traffic lights are green for traffic approaching from the Huddersfield side, there is no reason that there can’t be a filter for traffic approaching in the opposite direction to go straight forward towards Huddersfield. You could also have a filter for traffic approaching from Huddersfield to go left down Victoria St, while the lights are green for vehicles going up Victoria St (there is room by Yorkshire Building Society to have a filter lane which could hold 2 cars). If this helps traffic flow by even as little as 5% at no cost then it could be considered. If this is the worst idea you’ve heard then I apologize for wasting your time

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