Experienced artist delivers creative play engagement for Huddersfield

We want to know what types of play areas and public spaces you would like to see in Huddersfield Town Centre.

How can I have my say?

A public engagement event to explore play in Huddersfield Town Centre is taking place between 21 September and 28 September.

What will happen at the event?

Playful Huddersfield – an engagement event in partnership with Playful Anywhere – is a creative approach to engage with residents and visitors.

A giant Play Box will provide a free, safe environment to engage with residents and visitors on what play is and how new spaces can be created. It will look at Huddersfield’s opportunities for play, in an exciting, artistic and creative way.

When and where is it?

The Play Box will be on New Street, Huddersfield Town Centre from 11am-4pm on 21-24 and 28 September.

An online engagement survey will also be available for residents to complete at on the playful anywhere website.

How we use the feedback?

Feedback will form part of the council’s £250million Huddersfield Blueprint regeneration plans for the town centre.

Cllr Peter Mcbride, Cabinet Member for Regeneration said:

“This is an exciting project which aims to creatively engage with residents, visitors and businesses on what play in Huddersfield Town Centre could look like now and in the future.

This is a crucial part of attracting people into our town centres and ensuring they stay for longer by creating environments for families to enjoy.”

The project involves an experienced artist to deliver creative engagement around play and to understand what residents and visitors think about play.

Emma Bearman, Founder of Playful Anywhere, said:

“We’re delighted to be joining the people of Huddersfield to learn all about their ideas for what would make for more playful town centre for all ages and backgrounds to enjoy year-round.

We look forward to creating a temporary space during our week with our Big Blue 40ft Shipping Container Playbox004 which is welcoming of imaginative and creative ideas, from everybody whatever age they are.”

Playful Anywhere CIC is a Leeds based not-for-profit with a proven track record of delivering high quality public participatory events, programmes and activities.

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