Improved Dewsbury Moor Crematorium set to reopen

Services will soon be available at Dewsbury Moor Crematorium again with the refurbishment works almost complete.

What work has been done?

The improvements, which started earlier this year, include the replacement of outdated cremator equipment and the full refurbishment of the chapel, to offer improved services for bereaved families. The works also include a redecoration, new carpets and new windows.

 When will bookings be accepted from?

Dewsbury Moor Crematorium will be looking to accept bookings of one cremation per day from 30 September 2019 as part of the continued commissioning process.  

From Monday 14 October this will increase to four bookings per day whilst further testing and commissioning is undertaken and completion of works on site can take place.

Huddersfield Crematorium and neighbouring councils have continued to offer cremations while Dewsbury has been temporarily closed.

 These improvements are part of a £3million investment to refurbish Dewsbury and Huddersfield crematoria. 

 Councillor Rob Walker, Cabinet Member for Culture and Environment, said:

“It’s absolutely crucial that services like these are delivered to the very best standard. People deserve thoughtful and dignified services and that’s what this investment is all about. 

 The works took longer than anticipated but with projects on this scale this can often be the case. If we didn’t make these improvements the equipment would be at risk of failing which would have caused significant disruption and distress to affected families already going through a difficult time.

 I’d like to thank local funeral directors and families for their cooperation and understanding during recent months whilst the crematorium has been temporarily closed.

 I’m delighted that Dewsbury Moor Crematorium will soon be open and fully-functional again. These vital improvement works will offer bereaved families the very best facilities for their loved ones.”

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