Revd Ann Pollard- Governor Case Study

Revd Ann Pollard, a vicar from Kirklees, talks about her experience of being a school governor for over 13 years.

Profession: Vicar

Schools:  Previous: Lower Hopton School Present: Earlsheaton Infant School Dewsbury, Federated VC schools of Thornhill Lees and Savile Town

How long have you been a governor? 

Approximately 13 years

What do you get out of the role? 

The privilege of working alongside dedicated and hard-working staff and governors in our schools.  The satisfaction of working with like-minded people whose priority is that our children and their well-being are central to every decision that we take, whether curriculum or financial.

I feel passionate about the schools in which I am involved and also proud to be associated with their aspirations to provide the very best that education can offer that seeks to encourage and enable our children to flourish and grow and reach their full potential to be valuable and valued members of society.

What sparked your interest in becoming a school governor?

The role of governor originally came with my appointment as the local vicar and quickly became a position in which to gain an insight into local community issues and needs.  It also provided the opportunity to develop relationships with children and staff through weekly assemblies and visits and with parents during church visits.  Schools are the heart of our communities.

What projects have you been involved in as a governor?

  • Development of outside play areas with up to date play/learning equipment
  • Modernisation of classrooms and school facilities to provide more pleasant working environments
  • Introduced Reading Friends to encourage and support reading.
  • School extension classroom fitted with new furniture and learning equipment
  • The development of our outside learning lodge.

What have you found the most enjoyable/rewarding?

The day’s I spend in school within Early Years Foundation Stage supporting where needed.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to be with the children from the beginning of their time in school, to actually see them develop and grow in confidence as well as educationally, and be a part of their journey until they leave us for primary.

What existing skills have helped you in your role as a school governor?

I have had a lot to learn as schools are very different entities to anything I knew before and governor training has been invaluable. However, I have experience from my church work of chairing meetings, managing finances, planning and vision and also a desire to nurture and want the best possible outcome for every individual.

How do you apply to be a school governor?

School governors and trustees make a valuable contribution to children’s education, opportunities and futures. You can apply to become a school governor on the Kirklees Business Solutions website.

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