£5million plans to transform Huddersfield’s high streets

Another key part of the £250million Huddersfield Blueprint is set to be delivered with plans to transform the town centre’s key streets approved.

What has been approved?

On 8 October Cabinet approved £5.2million plans to improve New Street – between Ramsden Street to Cloth Hall Street – as well as Cloth Hall Street and Market Place.

What will change?

Key to our ambitions to regenerate the town centre, these streets will be transformed with improvements to create a high-quality, safe public realm which invites visitors and encourages business to grow.

Improvement works will include more creative streets that are inviting and safe and encourage retail. There will also be more opportunities for events and pop-up markets.

Streets will be greener with more trees and green space and a bigger focus on accommodating pedestrians. There will also be new contemporary seating and street furniture, with improved paving and street lighting throughout.

Will there be pedestrianised areas?

Routes for delivery vehicles will be designed to reduce parking in pedestrianised areas. The pedestrian zone of New Street has time restrictions for loading and deliveries (4pm-10am the following morning). These time restrictions will be extended to Market Place and Cloth Hall Street to reduce the conflicts with pedestrians.

What improvements will be made for New Street?

Specific improvements for New Street will include; an area at the southern end for alfresco dining, an area close to the junction with Cloth Hall Street is proposed for pop-up markets and outdoor exhibitions.

Will anything change on Market Place and Cloth Hall Street?

Widened pavements are proposed on Market Place and Cloth Hall Street, reflecting the high number of pedestrians. A re-alignment of Market Place and Cloth Hall Street is proposed to slow traffic speeds.

How will the improvements be developed?

The improvements will be developed following the principles of the police initiative, “Secured by Design”, to create a secured, safe environment. This will include measures and design that discourages anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.

Cllr Peter McBride, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said:

“We have great ambition to regenerate all of our town centres. Our Huddersfield Blueprint vision has proven very popular and has reached millions of people in the first few months of launching and thousands of residents have shared their thoughts with us.

“A huge part of these plans is ensuring our high streets are fit for purpose and that they create a safe and welcoming environment for businesses to thrive and attract visitors. In addition, green spaces and street tree planting will support the removal of air pollution.

“The aim is to create a safe and vibrant town centre and to unlock its potential by attracting and retaining businesses by transforming the public realm to provide settings where they can flourish.”

Can I view the plans?

These plans are part of Kirklees Council’s £250million Huddersfield Blueprint vision which was launched in June 2019. To see the plans in full visit the Huddersfield Blueprint website


  • Well Kirklees you have done it again with your big money spending ideas, will not bring people in to a town on its knees. I agree about expensive parking and nothing to show for it. I go to Meadowhall where I can park for free and choice of shops. I have said to you before, until you bring people to live in the town you will not get anywhere. You have enough brownfield sites in and around the town to do something.

  • I agree with the others about the state of the town centre at the moment. It’s a depressing environment. It costs less to drive and park in another town with bigger or more interesting shops.
    In Huddersfield, one struggles, in a bewildering maze of no-entries, to find a suitable parking space for which we’re expected to pay an excessive amount, given what’s on offer. Once parked and extorted, what’s the point of going to town in the first place? The shops have little appeal.
    There’s more to being visitor-friendly than trees and pedestrianised streets. If your anti-traffic policies continue to prevail, you’ll certainly continue to alienate a lot of potential visitors. If it still costs a relative fortune to park in Huddersfield, you’re certainly not going to entice me back in!

  • Its ok and vey nice doing all these improvements to the streets but if a load of shops have closed, and no new ones opening, you will not get the people to come to Huddersfield. Work also needs to be done on the shops and buildings to make it look more appealing. Cut the rents, and bring back little independent shops, cafes, and restaurants, Where is there a nice restaurant in huddersfield town.?

  • Sorry meant to type aesthetics…

  • Aesthtics are all well and good. Is the council going to get M&S to come back then?

  • lots of paper cut outs thats ok then

  • Nice idea about trying to improve Huddersfield but don’t you reckon it’s a better idea firstly to get rid of all the low life drunkards that make everybody’s daily life a chore . Where are the local police around Witherspoons and areas where folks don’t feel safe . Isn’t it an offence to drink alcohol in a public place . Get your priorities right before you spend everybody’s money on a probably failure of an idea . We have seen it all before from overpaid under worked Kirklees council employees. Get real .

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