We are planning to tackle climate change

We have produced a new ambitious plan to make the borough completely carbon neutral by 2038.

Why have we produced a new plan?

This comes after we passed a motion declaring a district-wide climate emergency in January 2019 and established the Climate Emergency Working Party (CEWP) to identify actions to reduce emissions in Kirklees.

An ambition for Kirklees to become a carbon neutral district

On 12 November the Cabinet will be presented with the CEWP’s action plan which sets out an ambition for Kirklees to become a carbon neutral district by at least 2038 – the deadline set by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. This will mean environmental impact will be considered as part of any decision made by the authority.

How will we reach this target?

Some key actions to help Kirklees reach this target include; boosting local woodland through the White Rose Forest Partnership, establishing a Kirklees Climate Commission and Kirklees Green Charter and to hold a Kirklees Youth Summit on climate change.

We will also continue measures to significantly improve recycling rates in advance of a full review of the waste collection and disposal service.

This all forms Phase 1 of our climate emergency action plan, Phase 2 will set out how Kirklees will become carbon neutral by 2038 and will be released next year.

Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for Greener Kirklees, said:

“Climate change is already happening and action to address it is now an emergency. Cases of extreme weather such as heat waves and rainfall are having consequences already in Kirklees with issues such as moorland fires and flooding in particular affecting the region.

However, it’s not too late to prevent some of the very worst effects of climate change and we must act now. The council’s new long-term objective is to make Kirklees a carbon-neutral district by at least 2038.

What’s been so inspirational in recent years is the leading role young people have taken in raising awareness around climate change and calling on those making decisions to take immediate action. Our message is that we have listened and we will be giving young people a voice in our plans to address climate change. We will begin this with a youth summit on the issue.”

What happens if the plans are approved by Cabinet?

If approved by Cabinet on 12 November, the plans will be presented to Full Council the following day (13 November).

What other work is supporting this?

Supporting all of this work is our Air Quality Action Plan which identifies the action the authority will take to improve air quality in the borough between April 2019 and March 2024. This Action Plan will also be presented to Cabinet on 12 November.

Can I read the Kirklees Climate Emergency Action Plan?

Read the Kirklees Climate Emergency Action Plan in full here.

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