Amber flood warnings in place for Kirklees

The Met Office has issued an Amber Flood Warning covering areas within Kirklees meaning there are risks of flooding over the next 24 hours. You can find out more information by following this link to their website.

If you live near to a river you can find out more about the current levels of risk by going on the Flood Information Service website.

For advice on how to prepare for potential flooding, you can find out more information on our Emergency Planning Page where you can also sign up for flood alerts.

Road Closures

You can find out which roads are closed by following this link.

Blocked gullies

We have over 80,000 gullies (drains) on our highway network which are cleaned and cleared on a regular basis. Currently, due to the autumn leaf fall some of these may be blocked. If you feel it is safe to do so you can brush away the excess leaves which will help drain any standing water. Our crews are currently working to unblock as many as possible.






  • Drains on Plover Road Lindley constantly blocked and the ones on the even side are drainage for a mill pond. Kirklees allowed
    the original drains to be damaged when they allowed houses to be built 10 years ago on the odd side of the road.

  • Had to smile when it was said the drains are cleared on a regular basis. Never seen anyone clearing the drains in Holmfirth. The Dunford Road was a river on Thursday, with the drains on the road not taking any of the water poring through the the walls supporting peoples gardens. Never seen it happen in all the years I have lived here except for this year. Building all the houses have disturbed the water table resulting in all the water poring down to the lowest point. I hope Kirklees get their act together, spend some of the council tax we pay clearing the drains. By the way the drains I keep reporting blocked in our village are still blocked. Say no more.

  • It’d be terrific if the Council recognised that giving permission for housing on fields which previously acted like sponges soaking up the rainfall causes flooding for their own residents further downhill and downstream.
    Concrete and little attempts at urban ‘better’ drainage just send the water swiftly on to cause problems in the river basin all the way to the river’s end.

  • Christine Patruck

    Drains in Burnlee, Holmfirth have been blocked for months causing problems before today’s heavy rain. They are not cleared regularly as can be verified by Councillor Donald Firth who has supported me in attempts to get action taken

  • I wouldn’t say the gullies are cleaned regularly, they are permanently blocked at the bottom of Fir parade Ravensthorpe, also blocked up and down Huddersfield road in the wf133 area.

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