Shared Lives Plus Conference – Kirklees recognised for fantastic work

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Representatives from Kirklees Shared Lives and schemes, carers and service users from across the country celebrated human rights at a stunning UK award ceremony in Liverpool last week.

What happened at the awards ceremony?

The ceremony was followed by the annual Shared Lives Plus Conference – a fantastic opportunity for schemes to share best practice, ideas and success stories and learn from each other.

The unique and powerful UK network of Shared Lives carers, approved by local schemes, open up their homes to people who need support for their physical or mental health, were recognised last week at the exuberant awards ceremony in Liverpool, at the Hilton hotel as part of the two day UK conference for everyone involved in supportive shared living.

Shared Lives carers nominated for their amazing efforts in supporting service users

Charlotte and Damian Hall of Kirkburton have been Shared Lives carers for over 4 years and were nominated by the Kirklees team for their amazing effort in supporting two long term service users and regularly support service users and their carers by offering much needed respite care. They have helped improve the lives of those they care for by welcoming them in to their home and supporting them within a community environment, creating friendships and improving confidence and independence.

David Maxted, Kirklees Shared Lives Scheme Manager said:

“I’m proud of Charlotte and Damian for the nomination of ‘Outstanding Shared Lives Carers of the Year’. They have been excellent and flexible carers who have made a difference to so many individual service users and they have led on the development of the carers forum which helps support Shared Lives carers from across Kirklees. They are a credit to the local scheme.”

In Shared Lives arrangements, people recover faster when they’re with people they choose and can form long-lasting relationships, tackle loneliness, isolation and make our communities, social care and health services more inclusive.

Many carers within the Kirklees Shared Lives network come from different backgrounds, often continuing to work full and part time or they may be retired  or care for the family at home.

Anyone can apply to be Shared Lives carers, all you need is a spare bedroom and the desire to care and support vulnerable adults.

More information

For more information please contact the team on 01484 221000, email or visit the shared lives website. 


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  • See you had a stunning do in Liverpool at tax payers and carers cost. lots of back slapping. It would been better if this was used to support carers and vulnerable adults that need the support.
    You should pay for your own do and fund raise at this do and put it towards support to carers and vulnerable adults.

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