Employing someone with a learning disability…What can employers do?

If someone has a learning disability (LD), it doesn’t mean that they can’t learn. Although they often can’t learn things very quickly, they will often learn more carefully and may perform tasks better than others over time.

Employers can develop more inclusive recruitment practises to give people a chance and bring diversity to their workforce.

You can do this by;

  • Making the application processes simpler for entry level roles.
  • Ensuring your advertisements are accessible.
  • Don’t just rely on online advertising to recruit.
    It helps to widen your network. Speak to specialist agencies and local third sector organisations to share your vacancies. This not only helps you access untapped talent but also with your reputation as an inclusive employer.
  • Talk to local employment provision.
    There are employment support programmes across Kirklees supporting people into work. That will share your vacancies and match people that are suitable.

Once they are in work …

  • Understand how to support someone with LD.
    You can do this in many ways, do your research and carve up tasks that are achievable and slowly build them up to more challenging tasks when they are ready
  • Keep checking in.
    Keep regular contact to ensure they are settling in and ok with the work, communication is key.
  • Ensure that staff are welcoming and supportive.
    Most people with LD have never had paid employment or any real work experience. Going into a friendly and supportive environment can have a real impact on their confidence and help them settle in quickly, building on their social skills.
  • Be patient.
    People with LD take their time to learn things this can be slower than others, but by offering work experience and a bit of extra time you will see the benefits.
  • Provide a buddy.
    This can be a member of your team to provide this support, taking on a ‘buddy’ role until the person has settled in.

More information

To find out how you can support someone with LD in work you can speak to the team at REAL Employment.

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