Budget Consultation – Help us shape the future of Kirklees

We are inviting you to get involved and help us shape the future of Kirklees by having your say on our 2020-2021 budget proposals.

Investment in Kirklees

This year’s budget is planned to be one of investment in Kirklees. A careful approach to budget management in recent years has put us in a strong position to invest now in order to support the council’s ambitions.

What do existing budget plans include?

Existing budget plans include significant new investment; in particular in children’s services, adults, regeneration activity, housing growth and organisational capacity to support this approach.

3 key priority areas

We are also proposing a set of 3 key priority areas: climate change, children’s improvements and place-based working. These priorities will guide how we set our budget, shape our services and make our decisions.

Have your say

We would like to hear what you think about these priorities and your suggestions about how we can achieve them. Find out more about our priority areas and have your say.

Where does the council’s money go?

This picture gives some examples of where the council’s money goes:





  • I deeply feel Batley & Spen needs investing in cause a lot of the shops around our area have been closed for a long time and it’s divided our town so badly so it would be wonderful if the council could put some budgeting towards Batley & Spen and reopen some places so the town’s within Batley & Spen can bring our community more closer together rather than divide them even further.

  • You would do more for climate change if you stopped housebuilders developing green field sites. Not only does this building take away the fields and often mature trees but most houses will generate at least two emission peoducing vehicles and the hard standing around the properties increase the chance of flooding

  • Hi Christine, you should be able to set up a WordPress account with just your email address. ^CD

  • 12 million on highways!!!! Outlane seems to have been missed out re maintenance on the drains around the roundabout which is always flooding,railings over the motorway are a rusty eyesore and large weeds growing on pavements edges leading to the village.

  • Christine Pattinson

    hello, I need help please. I want to continue my support kirklees together by being able to join discussions which interest me, but I cannot. I have to join WordPress to do so. Is this correct? if so i cannot join WordPress because I don’t have anything ar all related to Apple, nor do I have a Google accout. please can you help me

  • Christine Pattinson

    Just one thing immediately comes to mind with relation to plans to spend ? of the council’s budget on purchasing electric vehicles for Council workers in order to reduce harmful emissions – a so called exciting plan according to cllr Pandor (not sure of spelling) to help deal with climate change. a drop in the ocean which is disheartening and ludicrous, electric vehicles??

    I would ergo hold back with this idea at the moment (more immediate urgent action needed here) so allocate funds to a more worthwhile effort! Also, better to add funds to other vital services such as children services, health, recycling/ repurposing, and so forth, but ELECTRIC VEHICLES!?? ELECTRIC VEHICLES eh?

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