What’s happening to bin collections over Christmas?

We have announced our plans for waste and recycling collections over the Christmas period.

Will there be any changes to collection dates over Christmas?

Bin collections will continue as normal up to and including Christmas Eve, December 24, with a break over Christmas and New Year, restarting again on 6 January.

This means everyone will miss one bin collection,  but we have confirmed that we will be taking up to 3 bags of excess household waste that is presented neatly beside the bin on the first collection of your waste bin in January (up until the 14 January).

To make sure people who have their bins emptied on a Wednesday or Thursday don’t miss a collection two weeks in a row,  special arrangements have been made to collect the bins due to be emptied on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

This means that if your bin was due to be emptied on 25 December a special collection will take place on the 3 January. And, if your bin was due to be emptied on the 26 December a special collection will take place on the 2 January.

Cllr Rob Walker, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“We hope by releasing Christmas bin collection details as early as possible it will allow households to plan ahead.  We have tried to keep arrangements as simple as possible and minimise disruption over the festive period.

If you find you have more waste than will fit in your bin,  our household waste recycling centres will be open every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

We will also collect bags up to three bags of extra waste if they are presented next to your bin on your next collection day.”

Where can I find out my waste and recycling collection dates?

You can find your waste and recycling collections dates, and recycling centre opening times on our website, you can also sign up for bin reminders.

People who are unable to access the internet can visit one of our customer service centres or their local library and information centre where a member of staff will be able to assist.

More information

You can also find advice on reducing the waste you create by visiting recyclenow.



  • Hi from what I have read if your bin was due to be emptied on Christmas day and 1 January which is A weds they are going to put another collection day on the 3rd of January as my collection bin day is also a weds x

  • thank you for all this info.

  • Hi Patricia, to find out bin collection dates over the Christmas period please visit our website: https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/your-property-bins-recycling/your-bins/?KDUser=nonKDqueryingApp=binManagement&transaction=bin-collection-dates ^EMT

  • Will the grey bins be emptied on Christmas eve has my neighbor has clinical waste and it. can’t be left for 3weeks

  • Hi Anne, to find out your bin collection dates over the Christmas period please visit our website: https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/your-property-bins-recycling/your-bins/?KDUser=nonKDqueryingApp=binManagement&transaction=bin-collection-dates ^EMT

  • Good evening, Just wanted to say that apart from not being able to push the bins back to the wall and leaving them in the way, the service is excellent here at Bradley. Thank you!

  • Would it not make sense to change all green bin collections to grey until normal service is resumed.

  • Our grey bin was missed on 5th Dec (as was the whole of our area) and, despite reporting it online twice and reporting to our local councillor, Charles Greaves, to help us, it still remains unemptied. If that’s ‘normal service’, I’d like a Council Tax rebate for services paid for but not received, please.

  • why cant the black bin be emptied the week b4 in stead of green bin this would make more sence

  • If my last grey bin date is 19th December when will my next grey bin day be ?? Will it be 9th January ??

    Your previous yearly notifications were much clearer and covered both Xmas and New Year
    why not this year ??

  • Sounds good to me Bin Men need Christmas off as well as the rest of us, Happy Christmas to you all.

  • Yes – why can’t the collection rota be changed to allow black bin collection just before Christmas. Was the same last year with green bin being collected before the Christmas break. Recycling can wait – food waste can’t. Not everyone is able to take excess rubbish to the council tip! Also it’s about time that Kirklees started to collect glass as part of its recycling policy. Glass is one of the most recyclable commodities and Kirklees don’t do it! Again not everyone is able to take things to the nearest recycling points.

  • You mention 25 December but those people are affected on Jan 1st too. And which bin do we put out on Jan 3rd? Your message makes no sense whatsoever to those with Wednesday collections!

  • Gwendoline Bentley

    My green wasn’t emptied this week and I am on the assisted list what happened ??

  • Still not had an answer about what you intend to do about black bin collection due on the 1st.January. My black bin will be emptied on 18th December and won’t be emptied again until the 15th January.
    I appreciate you have agreed to collect up to 3 extra bags of rubbish BUT that finishes in the 14th. January, the day before my next due emptying date.
    Not good enough.
    It appears you have forgotten about the 1st January.

  • So it’s 3 weeks before my grey bin will be emptied over the Christmas period which is just not acceptable considering the amount of council tax we pay. What a poor level of service from Kirklees. So disappointing!

  • We don’t need to worry because the men put our black bags into our green recycling bin and the whole lot is put in the wagon together…no reclying done here!!!

  • Gerald Millinship

    It is very good to see that Kirklees Council is planning ahead for bin collections over the festive season.It wuld be even better if they could tell residents of HD9 7RY what they are planning to do about the collection that was due on 5th December, and is still quietly festering at the end of our lane, despite several resident reminders.

  • What happens with bins that are due to be emptied on the 1st January.

  • Right so my black bin due to be emptied on 17th dec and wont be emptied again till 14th January and i can only put 3 extra bags out…. are u having a laugh! Why cant Christmas eve collection change from green bin to black bin? My area will be going 4 weeks inbetween collections for black bin and with the added extra rubbish just from Christmas theres going to be way more than 3 bags full. Need to allow more bags to be taken

  • What are the actual collection dates for the individual bins? Your message above does not make this clear

  • I wiil not hold my breath! Green bin not emptied this week and a day late emptying green bin when due 2 weeks ago ,so to say we will get them emptied Christmas Eve is a bit optimistic.

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