Stay safe this Christmas – Personal Safety

We are exactly two weeks away from Christmas Day and the festivities are well underway. In the third part of our ‘Stay safe this Christmas’ campaign we would like to remind everyone of their personal safety over the Christmas period.

For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and many choose to enjoy themselves out in the town and cities with family, friends and work colleagues. If you are out and about over the Christmas period it’s important that you know how best to stay safe.

Do you know how you’re getting home?

  •  Buses and trains are useful ways of reaching your destination at the start of the night, but at the end of the night these two transport types might not be the most ideal, due to the change in timetable and the cut off of services if you’re trying to catch them late at night.
  •  If you are waiting for a train late at night it is much safer to wait in the station than walking around town aimlessly. DON’T fall asleep on short train journeys you never know where you’ll end up!
  •  Make sure that you organise and guarantee a taxi home, splitting the fare can make it a much cheaper ride if you’re going a fairly far distance.

 Have you kept your drink on you at all times?

  • If you head off to the loo make sure that your friend is keeping watch, or better holding your drink for you till you come back. Never leave it on the side or on a table.
  •  Never accept a drink off someone you don’t know.

Are you looking out for your mates?

  •  If you think your friend has had a little too much to drink, get them some water and have a break, or if need be take them home, they’ll thank you in the morning.
  •  If some conflict with other party goers seems to be boiling up, take your friend out of the situation, keeping yourself safe from harm and safe from issues with the police!
  •  Alcohol can change the way you behave don’t let it get the best of you.

Mobile phones can easily be stolen on a night out, are you keeping yours secure?

Getting your phone out and taking some snaps and some videos that your friends will hate to see at a later date is a common thing, but it is important that when you finally put your phone away that you keep it safe from potential thief’s:

  •  Don’t put your phone in your back pocket, in a crowded place you never know who is stood behind you, a little bump could seem normal but this could mean someone has stolen your phone and stolen your ability to get some Christmas selfies.
  •  If you are carrying a bag, place your valuables in there, this is the best way to protect your phone. Your friends may ask you if they can put their phone in your bag too, and CONSTANTLY ask for it but this enables the protection of their phone as well as yours.
  •  Always check your pockets to make sure your phone is still there, dancing a bit too wildly can lead to your phone falling out onto the floor, either breaking it or enabling someone to swoop in before you notice it’s even come out.

Taking all these points into account can help you and your friends have a safe and enjoyable time!

If you haven’t already make sure you check out our previous safety articles,

Have a great Christmas and stay safe!



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