Kirklees General and Local Election Results

People from across Kirklees turned out for the election on 12 December 2019. After counting through the night we can now announce that the results for the four constituencies in Kirklees are as follows:

Huddersfield Constituency

Barry Sheerman held the seat with 20,509 votes

Other candidates received the following votes:

Conservative, Ken Davy  – Votes 15,572

Green Party, Andrew Cooper  – Votes 1,768

Liberal Democrat, James Andrew Wilkinson – Votes 2,367

The Brexit Party, Stuart Michael Hale – Votes 1,666

Colne Valley Constituency

Jason Alexander McCartney from the Conservative Party took the seat with 29,482 votes

Other candidates received the following votes:

Labour, Thelma Walker  – 24,379 Votes

Liberal Democrat, Cahal Burke – 3,815 Votes

Green Party, Darryl Paul Anthony Gould – 1,068 Votes

Independent, Colin Bryan Peel – 102 Votes

The Yorkshire Party, Owen James Aspinall –  548 Votes

The Brexit Party, Sue Harrison – 1,286 Votes

UK Independence Party, Melanie Roberts – 230 Votes

Dewsbury Constituency

Mark Simon Eastwood from the Conservative Party took the seat with 26,179 votes

Other candidates received the following votes:

Labour, Paula Sherriff –  Votes 24,618

Liberal Democrat, John Edward Rossington – Votes 2406

Green Party, Simon Cope – Votes 1060

The Brexit Party, Philip Anthony James – Votes 1874

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party, Sir Archibald Earl ‘Eaton Stanton – Votes 252

Batley and Spen Constituency

Tracy Brabin held the seat with 22,594 votes

Other candidates received the following votes:

Conservative, Mark James Brooks – Votes 19,069

Liberal Democrat, John Lawson – Votes 2,462

The Brexit Party, Clive Minihan – Votes 1,678

Green Party, Ty Akram – Votes 692

Batley Borough Independents Heavy Woolen District, Paul Damien Halloran -Votes 6,432

Also held was the Local By-elections for Colne Valley and Dewsbury East

Colne Valley

Donna Katherine Bellamy representing the Conservative Party took the seat with 4504 votes

Labour, Duggs Carre – 3308

Liberal Democrats, Robert Christopher Iredale – 1368 Votes

Green Party, Ian Colin Vincent – 646 Votes

Dewsbury East

Eric Firth representing the Labour and Co-operative Party took the seat with –  3,299 Votes

Liberal Democrats, Dennis Hullock – 380 Votes

Conservative, Keith Mallinson – 2,669 Votes

Dewsbury Borough Independents Heavy Woolen District, Chris Stoner – 1,515Votes


  • Congratulations to Tracy in what must have been a difficult Election. I’ve always voted Labour but almost didn’t. That reason was almost entirely down to its Leader
    Labour learn from this. I believe the majority of people in this country are middle of the road and do not like Right or Left extremists.
    However some of his policies re Utility companies and British Rail were correct
    B. W.

  • We may now get some speed ramps on Sugar Lane considering there is an old peoples home and a school.

  • Are these figures presented for Dewsbury East and also Colbe Valley correct they seem very low

  • Can’t believe leave voters in Huddersfield voted sheer in again after his coments about the leavers. Unbelievable

  • Tracy Brabin Held her seat, just what planet were the labour voters on?

  • Very disappointed with the Election result. We live in a blind folded society.

  • barbara rushforth

    pleased to see Jason got his seat back. Congratulations to him and his party.

  • Well done conservative’s

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