70-year-old cherry trees to be replaced

Twelve cherry trees, deep-rooted in the Heckmondwike community for around 70 years, will sadly have to be replaced.

When were the trees planted?

Planted in Green Park, Heckmondwike shortly after the Second World War, they have lived well beyond their life expectancy of 20-50 years.

Why are the trees going to be replaced?

An inspection found the ageing trees are in poor condition and there is a real danger that branches and larger limbs may fall off. Between February and March 2020 they will be removed and replaced with new Cherry trees.

The appearance of toadstools growing around the base of many of the trees has provided further evidence that there is significant rot and decay inside the trees.

Kirklees Council Parks and Forestry teams have met with local councillors and community groups to discuss the situation. Though the news was unwelcome, it was accepted that action is unavoidable.

It is hoped that members of the local community will help with the replanting of cherry trees in the available gaps.

Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet member for Greener Kirklees, said:

“Removing trees is always a last resort and it’s always sad when we have to do it.

These trees have stood there since just after the Second World and are very much part of the park and the community.

They have lived well beyond their life expectancy but now sadly have to be removed for safety reasons.

As part of our commitment to tackle the climate emergency we are increasing the number of trees and woodland across Kirklees. This will be done by taking every opportunity to plant new trees in our communities and as part of the White Rose Forest partnership.

Our ambition is to deliver an additional 2.5 million trees in the next ten years.”

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  • Barbara Rushforth

    I was going to suggest the trees were pruned. But looking at them I think felling them is the best course of action. But I hope they will be replaced with similar. With fewer and few gardens being allowed with houses we do need some colours.

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