Providing high-quality support to some of the district’s most vulnerable children

We are providing high-quality support to some of the district’s most vulnerable children, a national watchdog has confirmed.

After inspecting three residential care homes in Kirklees, Ofsted praised the way that children and young people with difficult backgrounds are being helped to fulfil their potential.

What did Ofsted rate the residential care homes?

Kirklees children’s homes are for small groups of children in care, giving them a safe and stable environment which meets their needs until they are ready to live independently, return to their family or move to a different placement.

They play a vital role in a child or young person’s life and, in all three inspections, Ofsted rated standards as officially ‘good’.

Cllr Viv Kendrick, Cabinet member for Children, said:

“Our children’s homes are incredibly important in supporting young people who might have complex needs or a background which makes them especially vulnerable.

Getting it right for each of these young people, so that our support is based on their unique circumstances, is challenging work. It’s excellent that Ofsted have recognised our high standards.

We are aspirational for all of our children and young people, regardless of their circumstances. For those in a children’s home, we aim to develop self-confidence, break down any barriers to education and help them to enjoy and achieve.

Our staff do a wonderful job and it’s only right that Ofsted have praised their dedication. Children’s homes aren’t only about protection and support, they truly make a difference in transforming young lives.”

What did the Ofsted inspectors say?

After visiting the three Kirklees homes, the Ofsted inspectors said:

  • Young people are given a voice in their care plans
  • Staff are ambitious for young people, enabling them to flourish, aspire and achieve
  • Young people are helped to access positive activities, increasing their self-esteem and social skills
  • Young people have positive time with their families, which supports them to keep a sense of identity and sustain relationships
  • Young people are supported to manage their emotional and behavioural needs, improving their resilience
  • They have access to the support they need at the earliest opportunity
  • Staff are attuned to the young people and go ‘over and above’


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