• Been trying to get a repair on my garage for going on 18 months, happy to take my rent but no one give a flying crap about the state their in. Some one get back to me PLEASE!!!!

  • Hi Mary-Anne, thank you for fetching this to our attention. Our IT department will email you to resolve the issue. ^EMT

  • Hi Carol, everybody registered for a My Kirklees Account will be entered into the draw. ^EMT

  • Hi Tim, to report a missed bin collection please use this link: https://bit.ly/2HUEGZa Kind regards ^EMT

  • I have a My Kirklees account but would like to be in the draw.

  • If only your website would accept the automated strong passwords generated, I would love to register. I thought I was registered with a different email address but it wouldn’t accept that either!

  • Can you try emptying the sodding dustbins on the designated day please. HD9 3AA

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