A Letter to My Library

Our fourth letter comes to us from a family visiting their local library and experiencing their first film showing. It goes to show that something as simple as a free film showing can make a family’s night.

The value of our libraries is incalculable, they make a difference to individuals in our community every single day and will be there for each one of us, no matter our circumstance.

Each library in Kirklees offers a bespoke service to their community. In this series of letters we look to say thank you to all of the staff and volunteers that make up our library teams, and to demonstrate a fraction of the value that their work creates.

Each letter is anonymous to protect the identity of the individuals who have shared their story.

Family Film Night

Our fourth letter comes to us from a family visiting their local library and experiencing their first ever film. It goes to show that something as simple as a free film screening can make a family’s night.

The letter was written by a member of our Library Team:

At our library’s first film night, we played the Disney film “Moana”. At the end of the showing, one of our volunteers; who had organised the event, was approached by a family.

They wanted to say thank you, the kids had never been to the cinema before because it wasn’t something that they could afford.

For the family, their local library had given them a fun and free activity to do together, allowing them to experience something they wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise.

They thoroughly enjoyed the film night and are looking forward to see what films are shown next!

It’s time to say thank for the amazing work that our Library teams do and the opportunities that they create for individuals in the community.

Cute children in 3d glasses watching movie on carpet in evening

If you want to find out what your local library has on, then pop in next time you’re passing and have a look around.

Our friendly library team are always happy to help and love seeing new faces.

Find your local library.

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What’s on?

Dewsbury Library

  • Reading group – every Thursday from 6:30pm
  • Whistle Stop Opera: The Marriage of Figaro – Thursday 25th February 6-7:30pm

Birstall Library

  • Book folding with Friends of Birstall Library – Thursday 25th February and 19th March at 2pm

Lindley Library

  • Poetry of the Second World War with Friends of Lindley Library- 24th to 29th February
  • Yoga – every Monday from 7.30 – 9pm
  • Also Wednesdays from 9:30 – 12pm
  • News and current affairs group – first Thursday of the month – Thursday 5th March from 6-7pm

Rawthorpe and Dalton Library

  • Job Club – every other Monday from 1-3pm

Almondbury Library

  • Stay and play in the crèche – every other Monday from 1-2.30

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